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I'm super bummed that I missed the mixlr deal with Rich Gallup in the car and I want to hear it :(

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AFAIK they are stored locally and Jeff uploads them manually, so they do not go up instantly.

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Jeff should release some of them as a podcast, especially when he has guests.

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Mixlr requires Jeff to upload his shows to the showreel manually. He tends to do this once a week. I've setup an automagical stream ripper that provides the native m4a files that get streamed out. The stream should be added to the archive within a minute of the live stream ending. Generally Verizon drops are not noticeable as the stream is buffered and you don't hear the pause after the file gets stitched together. This is not intended to replace the showreel.

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PS. this is really dumb, like multiple layers of abstraction dumb.

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Awesome :) I miss these every time, and figured they'd be lost to the aether.