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What are the best ones you can think of? My personal fav is "It WAS rather poopsome"

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My favorite is "Nothing in this game is real." I even started to use it myself :D
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this will be redirected by MB, I can almost guarantee it. 
EDIT:  "Get to a Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitor... IMMEDIATELY!!!"  "Anime is for Jerks."

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-Jeff Gerstmann, Bombcast
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Dragonball is dumb.                                                                                                                                 ....but not as much as the people who like it.
First thing I thought of.

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"This is my favorite part of the set" -Jeff from the most recent bombcast with the synthesizer.

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--Keepin' it pretty webi-nar-nar bro! 
--You can't beat 100%, the only real power is power, and double-decker tacos are pretty awesome. 
--It was hella spies! 
--Oh, DOWN!.... Phoenix down! 
Those are my faves.

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anime is for jerks. 
changed my life.
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Ryan: Jeff likes sandwiches and new releases
Jeff: Often at times eating a sandwich will lead to a new release

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The whole hotspot bit about "Gaming for me is a religion, and Haze is the shit". Everything he says there is gold. 

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@Dpower94: yes sir, you win
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@Dpower94: Yeah thats one of my favorites.
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@Dpower94: Heheh, great stuff. I can even remember where I was walking when I heard that part.
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  "Build a city full of synthetic people to trick a sailor '''.

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Jeff said:
"Just say no, to ass games"
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@Dpower94 said:
" The whole hotspot bit about "Gaming for me is a religion, and Haze is the shit". Everything he says there is gold. 
The no cursing thing makes this clip kinda suck. Otherwise, super hilarious.
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Jeff is an ordinary and every-day-guy like you and me.. nothing he says is THAT quotable or remarkable... each and every one of us says funny random shit a few times a day, just like the GB crew does

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Jeff gets paid.
He even touched on it, something about how they were pretty much paid buffoons.  And I love them for it.
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  "Yeah, no, I'm sure it looked awesome."

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" The whole hotspot bit about "Gaming for me is a religion, and Haze is the shit". Everything he says there is gold.

The no cursing thing makes this clip kinda suck. Otherwise, super hilarious.

Sorry for bumping this, but the quote "____ is a religion, and _______ is the shit" was stuck in my head for some reason for the past few days and I knew Jeff had said it at one time, so googled it and came to this thread. Thank you for finding this gem, my favorite Jeff quote by far.

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"I don't want to act unprofessionally and say things that I'll regret later... but this is the 9/11 of video games"

- Jeff Gerstmann (speaking about Beverly Hills Cop for the the PS2 during Unprofessional Friday)

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Short, but sweet.

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Where's that "easier than free" quote?

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You can't defend against nonsense! -Jeff

Said upon losing to Patrick who button mashed his way to victory in a SF4 TNT.

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"Hook my mouth up to that dog's ass!"

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"No one is more authentic than Kid Rock!" - Jeff

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''Shut your whore mouth'' at York during the VJ endurance run.

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I can't find the bombcast it was in so I might be paraphrasing a bit. During a discussion about (I think) milk and Pepsi, Ryan mentioned putting peanuts into Pepsi and watching them dance.

Jeff: "Ooh, dancin' peanuts! Now I'm on board!"

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'Only the dead see the end of war'

- Gersto

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Distinct lack of "Gay sexual content," "More safari, less track," and who could forget "this game makes me want to kill myself."

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From a Bombcast a few weeks ago when Brad said that even though it didn't affect everyone he was happy about Microsoft lifting the limit on your friends list in the next-gen Xbox:

Jeff: "We get it, you're popular."

I almost drove off the road laughing.

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''Tell mister mustache to eat a dick straight up''

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"Hi Ryan."

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"You can see their panties." - Jeff Gerstmann

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“Ha! Dude, no seriously, I’m hungry!”

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"Before I die, I'm gonna fuck me a fish." - Endless Ocean Blue World QL

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"Get a girl pregnant."

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"This is our secret...Secret medallion hurmhurmhurm."

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"No, Centipede was huge. Don't be crazy. Don't mess up. Don't... talkin' mess now about Centipede."

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"How are you liking me stabbing you in the bitch, bitch!"

"I am going to stab you now in the bitch with my boot knife"

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"I don't like this one bit."

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@pie: That's true! I think he totally did it again during the Mars: War Logs QL too even though no one really sounded like that. (Although one could argue there wasn't even a consistent accent for the game's dialogue anyway!)

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I don't know if it's my favorite but on the 5/7 bombcast Brad is talking about experiencing pain while playing DOTA and just powering through it and slightly off mic you hear Jeff say "..........you're gonna die...." and I lost my shit immediately and replayed it 3-4 times and it always kills me.