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Poll: What is up with Jeff's Roommate? (909 votes)

CIA Agent 22%
Dirtbag 38%
Guy who just needs space for his stuff 29%
Doesn't actually exist 35%
Working for the FBI to nab Rick "The Ricker" Petersen 27%

I think it's somewhere between "guy who just needs space for his stuff" and "dirtbag".

#51 Posted by Danteveli (1185 posts) -

CIA agent that does not exist.

#52 Posted by TruthTellah (9074 posts) -

Jeff's roommate is just piece of the act. It's all an act, it's all a production set. That's not really Jeff's room. That's not really Jeff, but someone playing the role of Jeff. His real name is Magnus Svenson.

I thought we've been through this already.


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Didn't Jeff mention his roomate was doing the animation on cruise lines or something?

#54 Posted by Vuud (1991 posts) -

"Room-mate" is just what he calls his latest victim.

#55 Posted by believer258 (11905 posts) -

They're checkboxes, not radio buttons, so "all of the above".

#56 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -
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@vuud said:

"Room-mate" is just what he calls his latest victim.

The victim called "life", except in Jeff's mind it's another person.

#59 Posted by ZolRoyce (694 posts) -

The poll comes out to 154% you guys. Has Giantbombs forums been hacked by the mysterious room mate to tip the polls in his or hers favor? Yes.
Room Mate Gate 2013.

#60 Posted by BIGJEFFREY (5036 posts) -

@zolroyce: op checked the "multiple choices" check box. So everyone can vote on multiple options

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I'm more and more convinced he is made up.

#62 Posted by McGhee (6094 posts) -

because open wheel racing

#63 Posted by Kiri90 (257 posts) -

Imaginary dirt bag who needs a place to keep his stuff.

@freakin9 said:

I always heard Jeff made some decent coin on the Whiskey sale, why does he still have a roommate at his age? Unless... unless Jeff is taking in male suitors. :o

California is really expensive for one. He's probably saving a lot of money doing like he does. He has a nice car too. Not everyone needs a crazy pad, especially if your house is mainly videogame storage and a place to play video games.

In particular, the Bay area. Obviously the closer you are to SF, the more expensive, but the Bay area in general is costly. What you pay for a studio/1 bedroom would net you an easily payable mortgage on a 4 bedroom house in other places.

Seriously though, videogame storage house is pretty accurate.

#64 Posted by DeadpanCakes (895 posts) -

Well I voted for all of them, because it seemed fitting.

#65 Posted by Dratter (28 posts) -
@hailinel said:

@humanity said:

@forcen said:
@hailinel said:

@naru_joe93 said:

He's an assassin

And Jeff is a Templar.

And CBSi is Abstergo.

And Giant Bomb is the animus?

The website is actually powered by a piece of Eden.

Hi-Jinks ensue.

#66 Posted by Strife777 (1579 posts) -

He's a figment of Jeff's imagination. Jeff is the dirtbag.

#67 Posted by Nubikal (107 posts) -

He's the real Jeff, the Jeff we think we know is an impostor.

#68 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2102 posts) -

@erhard said:

Jeff is him, Fight Club style.

Oooooh shit.

#69 Posted by kerse (2113 posts) -

He is everywhere and nowhere, and everything and nothing.

#70 Posted by Aaox (1657 posts) -

"People are always asking me if I know The Ricker."

#71 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5007 posts) -

@hailinel said:

@humanity said:

@forcen said:
@hailinel said:

@naru_joe93 said:

He's an assassin

And Jeff is a Templar.

And CBSi is Abstergo.

And Giant Bomb is the animus?

The website is actually powered by a piece of Eden.

Jeff and crew are trying to make video games better by rating them on a 5 star scale, showing the video game industry where games need to be improved. I also heard there's a new guy working for them, who has a lot of potential and put out a great amount of reviews already. I think his name is Alec? Alex? For some odd reason I haven't seen his face yet, just his iPad thingy, from a first person view? It's weird.

#72 Posted by itspizza (435 posts) -

I had a roommate similar to his once. We "lived" together for 2 years, but she only lived there day to day for about 4 months. Her boyfriend moved into an apartment in the same complex (different building in a very large complex), and I basically never saw her again unless they got in a huge argument. She paid half the rent every month and took care of the electricity that she barely used (I took care of cable/internet that she also didn't use). I would say it was pretty awesome, but pretty uneasy since I didn't know if at any moment she would just stop paying rent and electricity. I also got very used to living by myself, and it was very weird when she did decide to come back randomly. Truth be told, I'm glad its over, even though I don't have a place to myself anymore.

#73 Posted by Basm321 (192 posts) -

@erhard: The pole needs to be amended to include your idea!

#75 Posted by mosespippy (4180 posts) -

How is there not a Jeff's Roommate fake twitter account when we've got ones for Jeff's dryer, Patrick's Neo Geo and Hipster Norm plus a real account for Patrick's dog?

#76 Posted by MAJID (212 posts) -

Man, I miss the Ricker.

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Basically he's using Jeff's house as his backup hideout for whenever the nefarious things he's involved in go south.

#78 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (3383 posts) -

Dude seems cool, he pays rent and is hardly ever there. Sounds like the best roommate ever.

#79 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -

I'm still living under Jeff's bed. The untold roommates are the best.

#80 Posted by BelligerentEngine (344 posts) -

Isn't it just Chris Henderson, which I guess would also put him in the dirtbag category. The loveable type of dirtbag though.

#81 Posted by Fattony12000 (7410 posts) -

#82 Posted by mrcraggle (1938 posts) -

Jeff is just living in a shutter island scenario.

#83 Posted by crcruz3 (267 posts) -

@erhard said:

Jeff is him, Fight Club style.


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Actually a lot of the actions of "Jeff's Roommate" would make sense if it was a girl he was dating. I mean would a guy put up with that much stuff from another guy?