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I held off on making this post, just because although I tend to lurk around here a good bit, I am not exactly in any place to make demands. I thought I would at least pose the idea. Most people will probably see where I am heading so I will just jump right in and say it. Could the GB guys possibly have a night recognizing some of Kenji Eno's work? I feel as though the legacy of his games and his unique stance on game design would make for a fitting tribute to his life (he passed away in February). I am hoping that some others may feel that this is appropriate. I think a discussion alone on his unique stance towards game design would make for a good dialogue , at one point he even directly criticized Shigeru Miyamoto concerning mario 64, it's these type of topics and games that I don't recall seeing featured on your live weekly shows I think would make for an excellent tribute and possibly introduce other gamers to his work.

I am going into game design my self as a career and I always found his views to be thought provocative and daring in some ways.

Thanks for hearing me out and giving it some thought.

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I think you're fine to suggest a Kenji Eno stream. Sounds interesting to me. They've just been so busy. Now that there's a moment to breath, I imagine they could do something like that. Similar to how they did a LucasArts tribute. :)

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Thanks, i'm hoping some other GB members feel that way also, I was gonna suggest the idea earlier into march, but things like PAX and GDC were rolling around, so I thought it would be better to wait and see what everyone thought about it now.

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That sounds like an interesting idea, I would definitely watch it.

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I'd totally watch them play through D.

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that would be fantastic but i cant envision them doing something like it.

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That's a great idea. I'd watch it.

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Just thought I would update after watching the recent "I love Mondays" regarding a feature such as this, I think it would serve as an interesting idea during this lull of gaming content that is available over the next couple of weeks. I'd like to encourage GB users who want to learn more about Kenji Eno to check out D2 on the dreamcast, or watch supergreatfriends LP of D & D2, he explains some of the unique stances on game design that Eno had.

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I don't know if this dude made enough games to make for a long show, but yeah this would be cool.

Nice idea OP.

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What was his unique stance on game design, I read the wiki on the site, but it didnt say, perhaps im too tired right now, its been a long week. Although the up side is this morning I think a girl flashed me on the metro, but i'm not sure.