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Another very interesting Kickstarter Project has started. It is by no other than Jim Walls the maker of the famous police Quest series. I do not know how many people actually still know this series but it was one of my favorite series back than for me.

The Pitch Video is pretty awesome and also shows some very early gameplay material which looks really interesting. So if you want to jump into the role of a real Police Cop take a look at this kickstarter Project or at the old Police Quest series in general^^


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I'm a big fan of Police Quest (well, the first three, at least). I don't usually back Kickstarters, but seeing that Jim Walls is involved in this makes me optimistic about it. I may have to contribute.

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Kicked in 30 bucks for the game. Hope it makes it.

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Loved me the Police Quest games, particularly 3 & 4. Glad to see Jim Walls is still around.

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