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What does a company that made a flash game know about making real games? I'm worried.

No this is pretty rad.

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This was probably the big announcement that Johnny was drunkenly alluding to during the GDC stream.

Sounds cool! Don't have an Xbox One but what I have played of Killer Instinct was surprisingly enjoyable.

I'm not a huge fan of fighting games but the crazy in-depth training system in KI got me further into the genre. Frankly, based on DoubleHelix's track record I think most people were surprised how good KI was.

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This is good news both for Iron Galaxy, and for KI fans. The series sounds like it's in good hands. Freakishly huge ogre hands.

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Welp, guess Killer Instinct is going to only use two buttons from here on out.

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@arbitrarywater: This is where it goes full minimalist and uses one button.

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Ha, I half-jokingly suggested Iron Galaxy as suitable replacement when they were first acquired by Amazon, weird to see it actually come to pass. I have a lot of faith in them, though.

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Congrats to Iron Galaxy.

April 9th! Get Hype!!

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That's not sarcasm.

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Wow this is GREAT news. Fulgore looks pretty sick too.

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Well that is great :D , still wont get a xbone for that but good to see that it was Iron Galaxy

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KI enters the Lang-zone... we all win!

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Man Fulgore looks amazing!!!! Good to see there is a bright future ahead for this game. I expect that when I get an X1 the roster will be around 10+, so I can't wait.

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Mr. N crossover character for Killer Instinct please. Also PC port.

Seriously though this is good news, glad Microsoft found someone suitable to take over.

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This is pretty cool!

Except the cynical dickhead side of me is worried that we'll see less amazing re-releases of classic fighting games...

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Pretty sure the article outlines that Double Helix finished out Season 1 and Fulgore is their baby, but regardless, I suppose I will NEVER escape the Lang Zone now.

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This is actually really great news. Good for Iron Galaxy and Dave! In the WHAT'S NEXT? section of that article, I was really hoping for a Windjammers mention... but as we already know:

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Dave mother effin Lang! Let's see some crazy GD Killer Instinct!

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That's great news! Couldn't think of a better developer for KI.

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Great pick to continue Killer Instinct, they get the wackiness over the top that is that is Killer Instinct.

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I'm now expecting Killer Instinct X Divekick

Also I expect that Dave Lang is now the match vo yelling CCCCOMBO BRREEAAAKKKEEERRR

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Get Ed Boon on the phone Lang and lets do MK vs. KI already.

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Let's go! LET'S GO!

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Congrats to Iron Galaxy.

April 9th! Get Hype!!

hype ass music cannot wait for Killer Cuts.

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Sweet. Too bad I'm probably a half decade out from having an XB1 .. :S

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GROSS! Dave Lang has his chubby fingers in a lot of pies.

Well it's good to see him finally branch out from Facebook games.

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Great news, nothing but respect for Mr Lang and his ever-expanding Zone.

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@bigjeffrey: Have they said that they plan to bring out a new official soundtrack? be nice to have the songs at an official length and mix everything online numbers up to 10 minutes.

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@wampa1 said:

@bigjeffrey: Have they said that they plan to bring out a new official soundtrack? be nice to have the songs at an official length and mix everything online numbers up to 10 minutes.

Yes new Killer Cuts OST is coming

(KI Composer)

Alright #KillerInstinct fans, lets do this!!!: What would you like for Killer Cuts 2013? Tweet me your ideas and lets make this awesome!

— Mick Gordon (@Mick_Gordon) February 21, 2014

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i'm interested to see what season 2 holds now that KI is in the ham-fists of Mr. Ron Galaxy and his talented crew.

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@freakin9 said:

Get Ed Boon on the phone Lang and lets do MK vs. KI already.

I don't give a shit about fighting games but I feel like this needs to happen.

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@blu3v3nom07: He withheld so much amazing power he couldn't contain it.

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Fulgore is Godlike. This checks out.

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WOW! That the best announcement I have ever heard.

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I guess that was the big announcement Johnny was hoping Dave would announce.

Granted it set up the most hilarious moment possible.

Awesome for Lang and all those duders at Iron Galaxy, they're straight killing it.

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I would pay for Dave Lang announcer DLC.

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Dave Lang graduating from making browser games.

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The lang zone will consume is ALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!