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Unless you were too quick to throw away your DLC flier included with the game, you might have noticed that the back of the flier actually contains a recipe for perfect soft-boiled eggs. Have any of you tried this recipe yet? If so, what was the outcome?

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I haven't played this game...probably never will, but I eat a lot of eggs. So I'm guessing this is what you are talking about:

This recipe isn't special, five minutes is the accepted cooking time for soft boiled eggs. That said I prefer my soft boiled eggs a little thicker so I cook them for six minutes. The temperatures are unnecessary as that's generally what your stove will be at when you set it at "low."

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Yeah the instructions is a bit more on the thinner side. Other than that it's nothing special.

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I know it's just a soft-boiled egg recipe, guys. Just asking if anyone tried it by the directions. :P

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I'm not a fan of that type of soft-boiled egg recipe, because it's hard to keep it consistent. I saw this recipe on TV and it's my favorite.

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Between this and MGS4, I'm never gonna fuck up my eggs again!

Now we just need another game to give us directions for scrambled eggs.

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I have. Its a real, killer! Hohoho.

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I think soft boiled eggs are gross.

I can say, without hesitation, that if I were to try this recipe, the results would be gross.

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You should eat your eggs the only way they were meant to be eaten! RAW! WITH A FETUS IN IT!

I think those kinds of things are great. Reminds me of the alcoholic drink facts in Catherine. I don't even drink and I wanted to hear all of them :P.

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Soft boiled eggs are awesome mini breakfast meals. Add some soy sauce and pepper to it, grab some butter/kaya toast with a cup of joe and you're gold.

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Real men eat Balut.

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@hailinel said:

I know it's just a soft-boiled egg recipe, guys. Just asking if anyone tried it by the directions. :P

Then I can tell you that it results in a "wet" egg.