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Do You Like Shadow Fall's Analagstick Acceleration? (23 votes)

Yes. 22%
No. 17%
It's Okay. 17%
Killzone Waah? Show Results. 43%

While I think the game controls fine, I find it requires a way too large analogstick input, to get a quick movement out of them - or in other words, analog input translates into slow movement too long.

Black is how it is. Red is how I'd prefer it. I guess it's like regular versus inverted sticks. Just make acceleration a standard option already.

I think there are two preferences for analogstick acceleration. Those who prefer a flat curve like Killzone (anecdotally that's the minority) versus those who prefer a much steeper curve like in most other console shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Especially with the new generation gamepads, with virtually no deadzones, that are capable of catching even the slightest inputs - the extreme flatness of Shadow Falls' acceleration seems redundant. Even so, I guess acceleration settings should finally be added to the options of every console game, especially first person games.

What say you? And how do you like Killzone Shadow Falls' acceleration?

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I got that graph wrong, now that I think about it. More movement for less analogstick input sooner is what I'd prefer. I guess I labeled the axes the wrong way, but I'm sure you get what I mean.

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I don't have it, compared to K2 and K3 how is it? I kinda liked K2's pretty slow weighty feel and found K3 a little jarring.

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I think the general controls and handling in the game are easily my favorite things about the game, so yes. I think it plays wonderfully.

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I absolutely hated the way KIllzone 2 felt (so much that I stopped playing about an hour in), so when I decided to get the KIllzone bundle just so I had something to play, I was a apprehensive at best.

Long story short, I've no idea if this has anything to do with the controller or the way Killzone: Shadow Fall controls but It feels fantastic. I have been enjoying the multiplayer quite a bit and I rarely feel that I have lack of control over the movement of the reticle. Such an improvement.

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I haven't really paid too much attention to the acceleration curve, but I think the game controls beautifully.

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