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Kinect for Xbox One in action

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Kareem Choudhry, development manager for Microsoft's Kinect, shows off new ways the Xbox One will track the user's body, including infrared imaging, face recognition, and heart-rate monitoring.

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Yeah, pretty cool.. but even the original Kinect looked pretty cool in some demos. And we all know how that one turned out.

You also might want to post a little more info, stuff like this tends to get locked for "youtube spam".. but I´m not sure.

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Once again Yawn.

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Some of this is actually quite impressive, but I still don't see it as more than fitness and minigames.

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This may sound weird, but I'm really excited for the next Kinect. Think about the length that the technology has traveled in 3 short years, after the first iteration was introduced midway through the last cycle. This iteration is being introduced at the beginning of this one, and the entire cycle could be 6-8 years. Imagine what it will be able to do after all that time? On a purely tech-geek level, I can't wait.