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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix just came out in Japan, and it appears with it Square has already started to hint at the inevitable 2.5. The overall credits for 1.5 contain footage from Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts Coded hinting that 2.5 might be made up of these 3 games as you can see in this archive of a Japanese gamer's stream:

If you look at the Heartless boss's color in the Mulan world, you can see it is from the Final Mix version of 2 so it is likely that the Final Mix version of 2 will be the one included. As for the other two, while it is likely that Birth by Sleep Final Mix and Re: Coded will be the versions included, there is nothing in this footage to indicate one way or the other.

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heres hoping a kingdom hearts 3 is finally in the works, cause good lord, cant believe its been almost 7 years since kingdom hearts 2.

where do you even pick up the thread from for a 3? never played the spinoffs