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I've got a bunch of codes for the Blitzcrank and Hecarim skins. Since I don't actually play League, it surprised me that the code also unlocks the Hero for you too. I'll be giving them out till I run out, get tired of it, or find out that they stopped working (today is supposed to be the last day the codes work).

All codes are posted, you are welcome to see if any in my latest post are still active.

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Could you be so kind as to give me a code please? im hoping they work in EUWest

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I wouldn't mind a Blitzcrank code if you still have one :)

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Got any Hecarim skins left?

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I wouldn't mind either one if possible. thanks.

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I would appreciate either one

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Thanks a bunch!

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Thanks duder!

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I'd love a Hecarim code if you have any left.

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Still have plenty of codes.

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Wouldn't mind a hecarim one. (well i wouldn't mind either one i guess) I'm on EUNE.

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I'll take a Blitzcrank one if you still have it. I'm on EUW

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This man is the real deal! Many thanks.

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It seems that the codes work in US and EU regions. I'd guess it probably works in any.

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If you have any Blitzcrank codes, I'd love one.

Edit: Just redeemed it. Thanks a million!

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@youngfrey: Actually, the same code might be redeemable once one every server. At least it used to be like that, not sure if they ever changed it.

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can i have a code dosen't really matter which skin pretty please :D

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@youngfrey: I would love Arcade Hecarim or Riot Blitzcrank, whichever you have some left of.

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if you still have a bunch left my friend whos really into lol would love an arcade hecarim skin

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Would like either one if you have an extra to spare. Thanks bud.

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I wouldn't mind a code for either if you still have some.

EDIT: Thanks a bunch for the codes, duder!

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3 Pairs and a Blitzcrank left

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This is all the remaining codes. Have at them.




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To all the people who got codes, I'm just glad I could find a home for them. I'd have been a bit of dick if I took a bunch of desirable codes and then failed to at least try to see them all used.

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Yup thanks! I think each code may work separately for different servers (EUW/NA).

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