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I'm referring to the PS4 version, but perhaps in general will do. I'm just wondering, because I've already beaten the games I bought with and around the time I got a PS4. I am done with them for now, and want something new already before Tomb Raider and other games that come out next month, so I'm just wondering what others have felt about the game. I'm not a huge fan of Lego games, but from the ones I've played (Indiana Jones and Star Wars), they were somewhat fun and charming. I've heard the later Lego games are much better though, so perhaps this would be a good game to get, but I don't know. There's not really that much on it review wise, at least the PS4 version.

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It can be a bit mindless. I played the PC version, while me and my friend had fun harassing each other in the open world city part, the actual game play wasn't much fun...and as such we haven't touched it since shortly after it came out.

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Tried the demo? I thought the demo was pretty cool and had some humorous parts to it, and the second I got to play as Hulk I got excited.

Otherwise, it looks like just the same ol Lego game, good but mindless

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Put probably 20 hours into because I'm crazy and trying to 100% it. But the random Marvel moments and what not are pretty great. I recommend it. It has also been years since I played a Lego game so all the fixes they did over the years make it pretty good.

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@somedelicook: No I didn't try it. I don't remember seeing it, probably due to not really caring. Maybe I'll try it later.

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PS4 player. My thoughts:

It's mostly fine. Mechanically, the game is pretty simple. You're going to be hitting the Square button a lot. To balance that, the game seems somewhat loaded with content. Literally a character select screen that requires the entirety of your television space. Nearly any Marvel character you might favor will probably make an appearance somewhere. With obvious skewings toward the Avengers/X-Men/Spider-Man stuff. And you can toy with these characters and their relatively-unique capabilities in a large free roam setting outside of the structured missions. It's a sandbox that features a selection of side activities that'll probably keep you busy for a while, if you lean toward a completionist disposition. Getting some of the more obscurely tucked-in later characters, for instance, will take some sustained effort.

The game has a lot of character, just in terms of atmosphere and tone, but all of that aesthetic is aimed at a young person's retention level. While you're probably thinking that goes without saying, it's worth noting that a lot of the game's humor doesn't really play for both young and adult audiences--the way a Pixar movie's might--so you might find yourself rolling your eyes more than smiling at some of the forced quips.

I have a couple specific gripes. This is pretty directly a game meant to be played by multiple people simultaneously. You're coming into situations on a moment-to-moment basis that require you to switch between heroes on the fly. (Ex. -- Silver braces block your access to a vent grate. Iron Man can break the silver braces while Mr. Fantastic can slip through the grate, but no one character can do both.) Despite this, the game has no online cooperative functionality. So unless you have someone playing alongside you on the sofa, you'll be switching between up to four characters at a time to handle any one situation. And the AI characters only follow the player intermittently, so you'll frequently be required to switch from one to the other just to have the group together in one location. Kind of tedious.

If you do have someone to play with in the flesh, the game defaults to a "dynamic" split screen option, which causes the big black seam separating the players to rotate on a 360-degree plane depending on where the player characters are relative to the level's fixed camera. You're commonly losing sight of your own location on the screen, even when playing alone. So pairing that disorientation with an unintentionally dizzying aesthetic artifice is jarring, confusing, and, plainly, unbearable. Luckily, you can turn it off in favor of a more traditional vertical split.

Structurally, the missions themselves are perhaps the weakest part of the game. The game inundates you with hint text across the lower third of the screen. Like, 100% of the time you're playing. And it's not an uncommon occurrence for these hints to be totally unrelated to anything that is transpiring. (A hint text telling me I need a character with magnetic powers to proceed when I've only got access to Captain America and Iron Man in the middle of a boss fight, for example.) Moreover, each mission consists of the player(s) solving rudimentary puzzles, sometimes platforming puzzles, with little strings of combat through connecting corridors. Until, eventually, you'll fight the mission's boss. The aforementioned puzzles can be pretty finnicky, and the camera's fixed position can sometimes hide an otherwise obvious solution, making a seemingly trivial endeavor become an incredibly tiresome experience. Plus, it just gobs up the pace of the mission.

Lastly, the game can be buggy. I've had mission-integral events simply not load into the level. Switches wont appear or trigger with the character meant to interact with them. I've lost access to another mission, which was supposed to begin outside a prison complex, because the game wouldn't let me switch to the mission-appropriate characters in free roam. In these cases, reloading has been the catch-all solution.

AT THIS POINT I've probably totally turned you off from this game. You shouldn't be. Especially if you like the Marvel properties. What's most exciting to me about this game is not anything on a mechanical level, but rather, Lego Marvel is something of a "What If?" scenario. Disney might not own the rights to the Spider-Man or X-Men films, but they own the right to represent them in other media, which means Lego Marvel is kind of like the one chance we have to see the movie-Avengers fight alongside movie-X-Men and movie-Spider-Man and even movie-Fantastic Four, all in one universe. The locations are all there, the references are ever present. There's even an achievement/trophy for pairing the Human Torch with Captain America in free roam, a joke I, personally, found really funny.

Anyway. It's alright. A great game for a night with the girlfriend. Pretty fun if you're way into the Marvel stuff.

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@historyinrust: TL;DR. You really wasted your time writing all that dude... No, I'm kidding, thanks for the reply. I was watching some of it earlier on YouTube, and the humor is, due to dialogue, really corny; like, every line. It was sometimes funny because of it, but sometimes not and is merely lame in my opinion, which is unfortunate. I have my brother to play the game with, but I don't think I need him to enjoy what there is to enjoy, and I kind of doubt he'd want to play it with me, for long at least. I also prefer local co-op to online anyways.

And um, yeah, you actually did kind of turn me off on the game, ha ha. I read that there were bugs in the last-gen versions, and was hoping that might be a fix on next-gen, but I guess not. The thing I liked about the Lego games I played was that they were true to the source material, and charming while doing it, so it impressed me to an extent, but from a gameplay perspective, it didn't take long for me to get bored with them, so if this game isn't really going to fix that, I don't know if I would want it.

The fact that it's meant for kids doesn't bother me, as long as the game is good. I've also seen how the camera works in co-op, and I thought that was pretty unique. It's been in it since the Pirates of the Caribbean I believe.

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I got it as a gift on PC, normally I wouldn't get this game because I play with my cousin's kids. Because we play one level stop then watch the film and read the book. So it's weird playing this alone as a GROWN ASS MAN.

But as a grown ass man, I enjoyed it. It looks FREAKING PHENOMENAL at 1080p, like dear god, it's a bit unfair just how glorious it looks. Plus this is the only Lego game where I didn't cringe at the voice acting, plus also the writing is heavy Marvel influence where I wish Spider-ham would show up.

Overall it's a lego game, even with sometimes getting frustrated over some poorly designed obscure bits and some glitchiness. Nothing about that has changed, it's now open world, and it's a beautiful rendition of NYC it's little happy NYC with little nubby characters flailing their arms around when a sentinel attacks, and the Sentinel asks "please" and "thank you" as it's crushing everything. Now characters have a bit more moves to use, so you might find a character who can do flying, shooting heat beams, stretching and strong punches. I'm surprised how they got the animation down right with little nubby bodies that have less articulation.

I'm totally happy I can play as Black Bolt and have Medusa beside me, I feel like I'm in heaven right now.

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Its a Lego game. No skill fighting. Mild puzzle solving. Ok humor.

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I wouldn't bother unless your fandom of all things Marvel and Lego is so great that it will allow you to look past the boring, easy gameplay. I think Lego Marvel has a ton of charm and does look great but it's just not a good game.

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Itsalalright a good game to play when you don't want to think but it does get very tedious.... Esp in single player

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So basically, it sounds like everything I know Lego games to be, just with some twists... Hm, perhaps it's not a game I want to play. I just got back from the store, and the game wasn't even there anyways. All there was, was games I already have, and games I don't want to play, like NBA Live and Angry Birds. Any game that had potential for me to purchase weren't there. Well, I can't wait for Tomb Raider than, and other games to come out next month. I'll also probably be getting an Xbox One next month as well.

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@ntm: Haha. No problem.

I quite enjoy the game. But I'm a Marvel comic book nut, and that can override the relative disappointments I might find nagging.

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I played the ps4 version and the first level is a fight with the Sandman, THERE WERE SO MANY PARTICLES! it was kind of awesome, but after that it's generic Lego game levels, and the open world kinda sucks because there are a bunch of puzzles but you can't switch to any character on the fly so it gets really tedious.

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I feel like this game proves more than any other Lego game that no, Legos should not talk. There are a few surprisingly funny lines, as well as some curiously out of place references (I wouldn't expect the target audience to recognize a line from Pulp Fiction, much less know why Nick Fury would be saying it). But a majority of the writing is just kind of weak.

That being said, it is a Lego ass licensed Lego game, for better or worse. Personally, I enjoyed it.

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I'm playing on PC and really enjoying all the Marvel stuff and find it funny. Beneath that its another Lego game if you enjoy them its great if you don't like them don't touch it. if you haven't played any of previous ones you should try this one out.