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this game is a very good fit for vita.

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Indie games really do feel better on the Vita. Both Rocketbirds and Retro City felt better on Vita then PS3. That said I have no interest in playing through Limbo again, much less buying it again.

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Walking Dead and Limbo? Really glad I picked up the Vita on Amazon with that awesome deal they had.

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I'm so glad indie developers are supporting the Vita. Personally, I'm waiting for the Runner 2 port.

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All these indie titles coming to Vita is great. I prefer playing them on my Vita then on my PS3. It just feels right and much better. Pumped for this and other titles like Thomas Was Alone, Hotline Miami and others.

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I'm really glad that Vita is becoming an indie centric console, god only knows it needs more games. There are so many games on Steam that wouldn't fit on a mobile platform like iOS but would be great as a portable. Now that Sony has partnered with Unity I hope more games make the jump. Been playing through RCR and Sound Shapes and these games shine on Vita. I got a Steam code for Anodyne today and I'm not sure when I will get to it on PC but if this game were on Vita I would be playing it already.

I never saw the extra content that was PS3 exclusive for Limbo, maybe this will inspire me to play through it again.

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I saw a Vita for the first time in the wild yesterday.Oh, and Limbo's really good.

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Limbo is a good fit for the Vita, as long as you don't actually go anywhere with it. I can't really imagine playing Limbo on train car. Maybe if you had some really good headphones.