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Alex Navarro?

I don't mean any offense to Alex - I love the guy - but Jansen's voice and the way he talks is very similar to Alex in my mind. I know a lot of people don't like Jansen, and I would definitely be one of them but I can kind of tolerate him more if I picture Alex in his place. :P

Am I crazy or does anyone else hear this?

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Who doesn't like Jansen? He's awesome

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I.... never really saw that

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There are probably others that hear it as well, I'm not one of them though.
So in my head, yeah, you're batshit insane :P

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Jansen sounds alot like James Woods.

Also God damn Lost Oddessy is great!

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I like Jansen a lot. Never in a million years would I equate him with Alex Navarro.

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Eh, sort of, but not really.

Also, goddamn Lost Odyssey is fucking amazing.

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I'm having more of a problem comprehending that people actually like Jansen....

Granted, I'm not quite to Disc 3 yet, so maybe he gets better later...?