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Who is better Mario or Luigi?

Cast your vote :)

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there's a difference ?

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Is it safe to say that your choice is Mario as this is posted in the Mario forum?

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@jetsetwillie said:

there's a difference ?

Since Super Mario Bros. 2.

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Wario isn't afraid to take another man's life.

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 Bitches leave.
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I find that "it's-a-me, Mario" a little annoying. It's not so bad in and of itself, but it is just overdone. I enjoy Luigi but I believe that he gets a hard rep, and Nintendo don't give him enough cool stuff too do. Thankfully, Im glad they've pulled him out for Luigi's Mansion 2. If it's as good as the original game, should be fun. But again, he's playing on a stereotype that he's a far weaker and less intimidating character than Mario. But I guess it's better than what they do with Peach - putting her into Super Princess Peach (while a fun game in it's own right) just shows you how far behind they are. They need strong women, and only Samus can do that, and what's this - they need American studios to craft games for her.... Sorry to go off tangent - but seriously, are you expecting a proper discussion in this topic in this particular forum?

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I liked Luigi because he was different. You know, back when the fact that he was green was the only difference between the two.

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@jipearce: Agreed.

For me...no contest: Luigi. He is a much more interesting character. I mean, unlike Mario, he's actually a somewhat fleshed-out character with multiple personality aspects, unlike Mario...

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I've always preferred Luigi, even before Mario 2 when they were differentiated some. No idea why.

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Luigi, Mario is an overrated piece of italian shit, and Green is better than Red

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Shouldnt this be a poll?

Also, Luigi. He actually has a personality, unlike Mario.

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Year of Luigi, motherfuckers.