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Poll: Favorite Mario Kart (110 votes)

Super Mario Kart (SNES) 15%
Mario Kart 64 34%
Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA) 5%
Mario Kart Double Dash (GCN) 25%
Mario Kart DS 10%
Mario Kart Arcade GP 0%
Mario Kart Wii 3%
Mario Kart 7 (3DS) 4%
Mario Kart Arcade GP DX 0%
Mario Kart 8 (Wii U-I come from the future) 6%

So with the reviews coming in for the latest Mario Kart, I thought of creating a poll to see which Mario Kart is this community's favorite. For me it would be between Mario Kart 64 or DS. Nostalgia wise, I probably have more founder memories playing Mario Kart 64 with my friends. Though technically speaking, I might give it to the DS one because of its cool tracks (Waluigi Pinball, Tick-Tock Clock) and for the challenge mode it had.

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Battlemode on the original SMK is my favorite Mario Kart anything.

#2 Posted by Blargonaut (167 posts) -

As much as I wanted to come from the future, my personal favorite was MKDS. I played it with people locally everyday for a long time

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I won't try to sit here and argue it's the best put together or anything like that; it's just the one i have the most memories associated with.

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@giantlizardking said:

Battlemode on the original SMK is my favorite Mario Kart anything.

The original Super Mario Kart is one of the games that I track down every single time I catch the emulator bug. Fuck, that was a good game...

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Hah! Only kiddies born after 1990 can vote for something else than the incredible SNES Mario Kart!

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@tsuhai: Not so. Super Mario Kart we must first Mario Kart, but Double Dash is my favorite. Not that Super Isn't great. Gotta love Koopa Troopa and Donkey Kong Junior.

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Double Dash, it's mechanically the best the series has to offer, yet usually gets snubbed due to nostalgia for Super or 64.

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Double Dash for life!

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I like Double Dash a lot. It was just a more refined, crazier version of Mario Kart 64. After that they started to feel kind of lazy to me. I think there are some really obvious cool features they could put into Mario Kart that they just don't. How do they not have item selection? Why is the battle mode always so half assed?

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I honestly can't tell. I have the best multiplayer memories from Double Dash and MK64 but MK DS had this amazing challenge mode and I really love the motion controls in MKWii and the online and general variety in MK7. Then there's the super crazy nostalgia for the original SMK. The only one I spent little time with was Super Circuit because I joined the GBA train very late.

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@yummylee: ctr for me cause I didn't had a SNES or n64 at the time. I played a ridiculous amount of hours on it!

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Either 64 or DS. 7 is also great. Never really played Double Dash, Wii, or Super Circuit.

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64 or 7

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I've only ever played the first one, so I guess that one. Maybe I will have a new answer tommorow when 8 comes in the post.

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Mario Kart 64 will always be the best Mario Kart. Looks like I should have played DD at some point though.

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Maybe it's just the 3DS but the controls for Mario Kart 7 fucking hurt my hands. I couldn't play it for more than 30 minutes without my hand cramping up. I'm looking forward to playing it on a big screen in HD. Handheld just wasn't my thing.

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Super Mario Kart was my first, therefore it was the best. Some fun was had with Mario Kart 64. Maybe I should have given Double Dash a better chance, but when renting it and playing with my friends we all agreed it was icky. Since then I took a break from Mario Kart until I briefly played 7. I'm considering picking up Mario Kart 8, but hearing how they dropped the ball on battle mode is a bummer.

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I've only played Mario Kart Wii, DS and 3DS. I hated Mario Kart DS (mostly due to the controls). I probably had the most fun playing Mario Kart Wii with friends. But I voted for Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS because it is the only one that I enjoyed enough to try and unlock almsot everything in it.

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SNES was my first and it was awesome but 64 is my favourite. It's the blueprint that every Kart racer since has been built off of.

Wario Stadium 4 Life!

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Wow, I wasn't expecting to see the Double Dash love. Is that the only Mario Kart to feature character specific power-ups? I loved that part of the game.

The Gamecube was the last Nintendo console I owned, so I don't have much experience with the series past that. Though I did recently play the arcade version and thought it was excellent. Lots of rubber banding though.

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I played them all extensively, but my favourite for some reason is 7. Probably the customisation options.

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The first one. Everything else has seemed derivative. I'd like to see them revamp the powers. Stuff like the Green Shells and Banana peels are a consistent main stay and they probably shouldn't be.

One thing that has turned me off for awhile is their insistence that you go through the easy 50cc tracks. Do they expect people to say "Great, I lapped everybody on every course, and I'm new to the game, I am amazing, thank you Nintendo!!!! Fan for life!".

I'll be honest though, their competition, the Sonics, Crash Bandicoots, Shreks of this world aren't exactly making a case for Nintendo needing to do anything different.