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Hey guys, just want to test out the tournament feature in MK8 so I made one called Giant Bomb. Daily 8pm to midnight, can edit if necessary. If you wanna join the code is 4000-1015-6909

Also if you want to add me on Nintendo Network my ID is yoshimitsurugi! If anyone else wants to post their IDs to add each other, feel free!


#2 Posted by Asger (233 posts) -

When I get home from work I'll give the deets!

#3 Posted by brettchalupa (29 posts) -

Joined the Giant Bomb Tournament - will try to join next time it is online. :)

My NNID is brettch if anyone wants to add me!

#4 Posted by Chop (2010 posts) -

Yeah, sure, I'd love to play with some Duders.

My NNID is DavidAMA

I'll add everyone above me.

#5 Posted by MrMuscle (496 posts) -

Added everyone above me, my NNID is MrMuscle

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NNID: Lunnington.

I'll add you guys and maybe take part in that tourney.

#7 Posted by Wampa1 (814 posts) -

NNID: Fraggle91

Sadly Amazon haven't come through on that release day delivery, hopefully have it by tomorrow!

#8 Posted by wewantsthering (1652 posts) -

NNID: cdwillis

I'm so pissed...Best Buy won't have my copy here until next Friday. :-( I never order online from Best Buy, but they had that stupid $10 of gas money thing so I took the plunge. Oh well. Haha.

#9 Posted by Chumley_Marchbanks (197 posts) -

NNID: ChumMarchbanks

What time zone is that tournament in?

#10 Posted by craigymail (230 posts) -

My ID is craigymail. Zavvi have screwed me over and I have to wait till Tuesday for the dang game now however.

#11 Posted by brettchalupa (29 posts) -

@austinmorgan I think that you could set the tournament times to be 1:00am - 12:30am Mon - Mon or something similar so it runs for most of the day. That way duders can race all day. :)

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#13 Posted by Professorreid (33 posts) -

NNID: Professorreid1

#14 Posted by austinmorgan (26 posts) -

@brettchalupa: i thought about it but i figured that then it would be rare for people to be on at the same time to race, like this way we all know what time to switch over to the giant bomb thing. may switch it if more people join though!

#15 Posted by austinmorgan (26 posts) -

@chumley_marchbanks: honestly i don't know if it goes by my time zone or defaults to one in particular so we'll see how it works tonight i guess.

#16 Posted by brettchalupa (29 posts) -

@austinmorgan: Makes sense - thanks for the clarification! Looking forward to playing. :)

#17 Posted by Chumley_Marchbanks (197 posts) -

@austinmorgan: Checked it out earlier and it starts at 1am GMT+1, which is a bit of shame for us Europeans. If there's enough interested I'll happily setup an EU tourney for say 8pm til midnight GMT+1.

#18 Posted by ESREVER (2830 posts) -

MaceXx is my ninty ID

#19 Posted by matsemann08 (33 posts) -

NNID is Matsemann08

#20 Posted by Wikitoups (1032 posts) -

Added everyone on top. my NNID is wikitoups

#22 Posted by Asylumsloth (3 posts) -

Hey guys, I've added everyone above my post.

My NNID is: Selkies17

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Any possibility to add/change race time or should some europeans create a GB EU community?

The current race time is in the middle of the night in Europe :/

#24 Posted by matsemann08 (33 posts) -

Giant Bomb EU time zone: 5963-3295-0830

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I'm up for trying this out as well! I'll add everyone on this thread so far.

My NNID: mrhaydel

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also RPLIVEJAM but beware i suck

#27 Posted by indirectx (18 posts) -

My nnid: indirectx

#28 Posted by dieBackkartoffel (11 posts) -

Could someone create an IRC or something similar so we can chat while playing? :c

#29 Posted by EndlessObsidian (515 posts) -

Hey Duders! I would love to join in on all this Mario Kart fun!

NNID: "Obsidian05"

Just for clarification, is it 8pm EST?

#30 Posted by FauxBen (28 posts) -

I am Runningman4107 on the Nintendo Network. I'm looking forward to getting super mad at this game over and over and over again.

#31 Edited by dieBackkartoffel (11 posts) -

I'm waiting in the EU Tournament for someone to join :S

EDIT: Gave it up after 30 minutes ;____;

#32 Posted by yindotrunks (101 posts) -

NNID: yindotrunks

Please feel free to add me, I'll add everyone else above.

#33 Posted by Coleslaw893 (446 posts) -

NNID: DarthColeslaw

#34 Posted by Bedouin (66 posts) -

MK8 feels like the best Mario Kart in a while. Anyone feel free to add me.

NNID: Bedouin7

#35 Posted by dgtlty (201 posts) -

NNID: dgtlty

Feel free to add me everybody!

#36 Posted by jorojoserojas (287 posts) -

Me me me! I'm "TheWriter" on NNID. I'll you add you all tomorrow!

#37 Posted by NorseDudeTR (464 posts) -

I'm T-Royale28 on NNID.

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Hit me up at https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/thompants


#39 Posted by PoToSkull (130 posts) -

NNID: Potoskull

#41 Posted by nophilip (580 posts) -

NNID is nophilip. Feel free to add me!

#42 Posted by supercool117 (9 posts) -

My NNID is supercool117

#43 Posted by Hugh_Jazz (413 posts) -

My NNID is englundf. Gonna buy MK8 in a bit, the idea of this tournament being the thing that tipped the scales for me.

#44 Posted by dieBackkartoffel (11 posts) -

Giant bomb EU tournament starts in 15 minutes, I'm already in and waiting for you! :D

#45 Posted by wewantsthering (1652 posts) -

How do the tournaments work? If I add a tourny, is there a time limit to it or does that same code reset whenever an instance of that tourny is over?

#46 Edited by dieBackkartoffel (11 posts) -

You search by code, join it at least once and it's saved under your favorites, I think.

EDIT: I created a chat room, let's hope it works^^ http://mibbit.com/?server=irc.mibbit.com&channel=#GiantBombMK8

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NNID: rivaldi22

I'll try and pop in once in a while! I tried getting into tonight's tourney and it looked like no one was on. Was it just a case of no one was on, or do I have to wait until the current round is up? If that's the case, is it best for me to show up right at 8? (assuming the tourney's time-zone is Eastern, which it seems to be?)

EDIT: I guess I should add that people should feel free to add me if they wish! I'll add back; just mention Giant Bomb or something so I know you're cool. Also, if anyone here happens to also be into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, let me know! I'd love to hunt with a fellow duder! :D

#48 Posted by BonOrbitz (2405 posts) -

Cool! I've added the tournament to my favorites and hope to play soon.

My NNID is BonOrbitz

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@austinmorgan: thanks for putting this together. Looking forward to it.

#50 Posted by dieBackkartoffel (11 posts) -

The EU tournament yesterday was awesome, although we were only 3 people. Let's hope more people have time today^^

(You don't have to live in the EU to join this tournament, feel free to join if you have time, pleeeease :c )