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Has anyone gotten the free downloadable game promotion to work yet?

Club Nintendo's website appears to be under heavy load/having issues since Friday, so I've gotten as far as logging in, it recognizing I purchased MK8, and asking which game I want to choose. After that, it appears as if it's going to send an email with a code to download the title I chose, but the email hasn't shown up yet (not in spam either). The same page where it asked for my email address now just says 'Your reward has already been redeemed'.

I'm just wondering whether anyone else has had any better success or gotten further along in the process - assuming that my understanding of how it's meant to work is even correct! I imagine it could just be slow moving because of the MK8 launch, but who knows...

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trying it now seeing how it goes. also apparently you can register the limited edition Zelda Wii U and get $10 eshop credit?

lmao wonder how many are going for Wii Party. i'll most likely get pikmin 3 but for some dark reason i may get new super mario bros (wop wop)

edit: down for maintenance.

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I did it and got my code for Pikmin 3 right away. Infact, it took me to the code right after the survey, and said it would also email it to me. Haven't got the email but I used the code on the web page.

Emails should come within 48 hours. It took a while when I used their previous promotions to get free 3DS games.

I should also note, it listed it for me on the club nintendo page when logged in after completing the promotion so that's another way to get it. Best wait until the traffic has calmed.

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Had no problems, but I may have just been ahead of the rush.

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@ripelivejam: It's pretty much a NSMB map pack at this point, so if you really like 2D Mario it's just... more of that.

@mrhaydel: Worked fine in the UK, grabbed Pikmin 3 and it spat out a code.

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Worked fine for me in the UK I got wonderful 101 as EU nintendo published that in EU.

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Worked fine for me in the UK I got wonderful 101 as EU nintendo published that in EU.

I haven't registered mine yet (stupid pre-order hasn't arrived yet), but can you confirm that the UK offer includes Monster Hunter 2 as an option? Shopto's promotional adverts list it but I can't find any mention of it on the official nintendo site.

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Club Nintendo is telling me that I have already redeemed it, even though I haven't. Now I get to wait for Customer Support to fix it for me and give me my code.

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I guess this is a bad time for me to be registering games. I managed to register one. Another registration survey and a post-play survey was eaten by an error, never to be seen again. I'd better stop. I'm robbing myself of points, and probably robbing others of their free game just by being there.

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It was pretty bad yesterday but at least this morning I was able to redeem TLOZ Wind Waker HD with no issues.

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Thanks duders.

@jjor64 said:

Club Nintendo is telling me that I have already redeemed it, even though I haven't. Now I get to wait for Customer Support to fix it for me and give me my code.

This sounds like the situation I'm in, though I was hoping to just wait it out and see if I get an email tomorrow or Monday before involving Customer Support. :-|

Definitely sounds like launch day woes, and seems to be hit or miss !

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I haven't been able to get anywhere with it. Site says it is either down for maintenance or I'm able to log in and try to select a game and it immediately effs up and doesn't even say I'm logged in.

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It might have something to do with there being no Club Nintendo where I live but we won't get our codes until sometime in August apparently.

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I guess I really need to buy Mario Kart before this promotion ends.

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I woke up early on Friday morning (EST) to purchase the game. When I logged into Club Nintendo it prompted me to pick a free game, which I did (Pikmin 3). I redeemed it immediately, and it worked as expected. I am guessing that I beat the rush to the Club Nintendo site. Hope it all works out for everyone!

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Bought Mario kart on Friday and forgot about this.

last night just put in the star code thing then chose a game and got the code instantly on the website.

Got monster hunter 3 ultimate but I don't know if I will like it.

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@ripelivejam: I took Wii Party U. I had all the others with the exception of the Olympic sports game, and I don't care for sports.

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I purchased the digital download version on Friday. Whenever I logged into Club Nintendo it would say I was eligible for a free game, but would then say I had already redeemed it.

But when I logged in this morning, it worked - when I selected a game it took me to a different page that had a download code and emailed the code to me as well.

So hopefully it will work itself out for the rest of you too...

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Didn't get this but when I got my free game for buying luigis mansion I had no issues

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Club Nintendo gave me the already redeemed message also but then I logged out and logged back in and it worked fine. Pikmin 3 is a pretty good looking game so far.

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Maybe I should buy a Wii U...

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Well, FWIW, I finally got the promotion to work yesterday (Sunday).

Not super surprisingly it did get far enough in to the process on the website to where it would have shown me the download code, but the page either timed out or errored out before that could happen. However, an email showed up maybe 15-20 minutes later and that had the code in it, which redeemed just fine last night.

So, I guess patience/perseverance are key!