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Fast, gorgeous, and full of online fun.

Mario Kart 8 is probably one of the strongest Mario Kart's to have come out. It's gorgeous, fast, and entertaining.

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As far as Mario Kart's go, you're not getting a bunch of new territory here outside of the brilliant zero-g racing. Riding upside down and on walls never fails to be fun.

Above all else, come to this game for its gameplay, but while you're here, enjoy the bountiful visual feast blowing out of your screen.

The battle mode is the worst, but the online works phenomenally! Creating videos with Mario Kart TV and viewing them at is a blast.

This is a new format I'm trying called the "Hundred Word Review." Just like it says, I take only 100 words to describe my feelings towards a game. I'm doing this in an attempt to find a gimmick that appeals to folks. Quick, bite-sized reviews are the idea. Something to counterbalance the half-a-novel reviews you see elsewhere. I could write a lot about Mario Kart 8, but I feel like these 100 words are all I need to say to tell you what I think of it.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Does this format work for you? Am I omitting things? Do you like the idea of shorter reviews in general, or have I taken it to far? Please slap that feedback on the table so I can write more gooder for you.

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Less is more!

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Other than a few grammar issues (its versus it's) I really kinda like this idea. Good work.

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Fun format. Concise and clear points. Needs a little bit of cleaning up but great job!

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback! Also kicking myself for that its versus it's!

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Depends how interested you are in a game I think, if something seems like it could very possibly appeal to me then I want a full review, if it's terrifically terrible then i also want a full review. If I'm not really interested but the game could be good or average than a short review is great. ProJared does 1 minute reviews on YT and I really enjoy those.