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#1 Posted by craigymail (230 posts) -

Mine is Waluigi, partially because I hate life and partially because no one else picks him. Also that annoying voice brings a smile to my face.

#2 Posted by csl316 (11087 posts) -

Wario, always and everywhere.

#3 Posted by supermonkey122 (1047 posts) -

Yoshi ever since 64.

#4 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3139 posts) -

Koopa mostly, occasionally Yoshi. Will probably use Roy a lot whenever I unlock him.

Still bummed they didn't bring back Para Troopa.

#5 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

Daisy. She's become my main in just about every Mario sports/party/crocheting game that includes her on the roster.

#6 Posted by Humanity (11845 posts) -

Shyguy or bust.

#7 Posted by Wampa1 (814 posts) -

I usually go with either my Mii (it's five o'clock shadow and constant frown looks so out of place it makes me laugh) or shy guy. Shame they wasted so many spots with babies, metal variants and Koopalings. Hope the next game is just a Smash Bros. type deal with characters and tracks from every franchise.

#8 Edited by wemibelec90 (2139 posts) -

I plan on using Rosalina (or her baby variant) when I get the game. She's my new favorite. I used to use Yoshi in every game like this, but I've lost some of my love for him/her over the years.

#9 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3349 posts) -

Mario, or maybe Luigi if Mario is taken but that never happens.

#10 Edited by Steadying (1718 posts) -

Yoshi, Toad, or Shyguy.

Screw Daisy, DK and Wario.

Also that gif playing at the top of the page is fantastic.

#11 Posted by Spoonman671 (5134 posts) -

I was repping Shy Guy pretty hard for awhile, but then I switched over to Lakitu and haven't looked back. I did have a Lemmy period as well when I felt like Shy Guy's character model was a bit plain and boring to look at any more.

#12 Posted by Spoonman671 (5134 posts) -

Still bummed they didn't bring back Para Troopa.

Also, this!

#13 Posted by FLStyle (5690 posts) -

Wario Time!

#14 Posted by StarvingGamer (9179 posts) -

Wario, but it will be Rosalina once I unlock her.

#15 Edited by TheRealMoot (526 posts) -

Mario most of the time.

Otherwise Diddy in Double Dash + anyone else.

#16 Posted by Devil240Z (3977 posts) -

Toad. But I haven't played a mario kart game since N64.

#17 Posted by ripelivejam (6456 posts) -


#18 Posted by Nightriff (6469 posts) -

Team Luigi, I also race as Luigi in Mario Kart games. Yoshi used to be my go to because he was "faster" in my 10 year old mind playing 64.

#19 Edited by Coleslaw893 (446 posts) -

Rosalina. Because Space Princess. Yoshi is my secondary. Like to use Peach, Toad and the Mario Bros. on occasion.

#20 Edited by SweetCrys (35 posts) -

Pink Gold Peach.

#21 Posted by Slag (5697 posts) -

Yoshi, because he's a dinosaur.


#22 Posted by TehChich (172 posts) -

Baby Luigi * u*

#23 Posted by Irvandus (3103 posts) -

Donky Kong in a big ass kart

#24 Edited by ddiggler (64 posts) -

Koopa or Wario.

#25 Edited by GunstarRed (5882 posts) -

I've been using them all, but I have chosen baby Luigi like three times.

#26 Posted by 49th (3116 posts) -

I always pick Luigi. He's fast as fuck and sometimes drives a vacuum cleaner.

#27 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7028 posts) -

I don't play this, but obviously, the correct answer is and will always be Waluigi. Who, by the way, deserves his own fucking empire of games, thank you very much Mr. @jeff.

#28 Posted by FrankNelson (85 posts) -


#29 Posted by dkessler175 (114 posts) -

Iggy, so glad they are all finally in the roster.

#30 Posted by TheFakePsychic (218 posts) -

Either Koopa Troopa, Lakitu, or Baby Luigi.

Lightweights rule, everyone else drools.

#31 Posted by Vextroid (1469 posts) -


Any game where I have the option to play as Luigi, I pick him. (Except in Smash Bros.)

#32 Posted by DarthOrange (4125 posts) -

Still trying to figure it out. Donkey Kong has been pretty great at the moment but I have been switching every few races. I prefer the heavy characters though.

#33 Posted by mooncake (169 posts) -

Rosalina, Pink Gold Peach, and Lakitu. Too bad I haven't unlocked them yet... (stupid Koopalings!)

#34 Posted by L1GHTN1N (854 posts) -

I've played Toad in every game he's available in (with the exception of Dry Bones in MK DS), I don't see me stopping now.

#35 Edited by Aegon (6748 posts) -

I don't play this, but obviously, the correct answer is and will always be Waluigi. Who, by the way, deserves his own fucking empire of games, thank you very much Mr. @jeff.

I think Jeff hates Waluigi more than Anime.

#36 Posted by XtuhC0029 (19 posts) -

Larry. Wiggler+Roller+Bowser Glider.

#37 Posted by mylescox (22 posts) -

Roy Koopa is the only good koopa.

#38 Posted by ESREVER (2830 posts) -

Exclusively Rosalina. Use to be Luigi, but then Rosalina happened. I used him for the first cup, and my first unlock was Rosalina.

Rosalina + Comet(bike) + Cyber Slick + Clouds

#39 Edited by MEATBALL (4025 posts) -

Waluigi is 2sweet4lyf!

#40 Edited by ottoman673 (817 posts) -

DK or go home. Him on the sport bike with button tires is pretty much unbeatable, from my 5ish hours of experience

#41 Posted by craigymail (230 posts) -
#42 Posted by tp0p (97 posts) -

Larry, Lemmy or Iggy. I love all the koopas :). If I had to choose one, I think it'd be Larry.

#43 Edited by BanzaiBandito (78 posts) -

I'd have to say it's one of the Bros. But, I love playing as all the characters.

#44 Posted by BamSaidTheLady (91 posts) -

Been playing as Morton. He's got a funny voice. Fat Albert-esque.

#45 Posted by Superkenon (1563 posts) -

Ludwig. Look at that guy's hair!

#46 Edited by Corevi (6793 posts) -

@meatball said:

Waluigi is 2sweet4lyf!

Waluigi for Bullet Club.

On Topic: Waluigi the People's Hero and Wigglaz

#47 Posted by ElCapitan (478 posts) -

Donkey Kong is the king of karting.

#48 Posted by thejke (117 posts) -

I used to play as Bowser, but I have been using Larry Koopa for a while now.

#49 Posted by Shortbreadtom (953 posts) -

I don't even have a Wii U, but all those videos of Luigi's ice fucking cold stare he makes after taking out an opponent means I would have to pick him.

#50 Posted by SecondPersonShooter (759 posts) -

If I can play as Wario in a Mario game, it's always Wario. He's the Dave Lang of Mario, always bout the scrilla