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Im wondering now that series or trilogy is done. Im thinking of picking trilogy set and im wondering is better one platform mostly ps3 or 360 im asking not pc.

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PC is the real place to play it, but if you have to choose PS3/Xbox it doesn't really matter. They're both pretty negligible as far as strengths and weaknesses are concerned.

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Well i did some research and both have ups and downs. Mass effect 1 ps3 has long load times compared to 360 but looks slightly better. me2 there pretty much same but ps3 has more dlc it comes with. Mass effect 3 360 is clear winner looks and runs better from comparison i looked at plus online is more populated. Not sure honestly i think i might go for 360 just for the controller even if i have to pay a little more for dlc.

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Wow dlc is so fucking much for this game!!! 4200 points thats more than full standard game lol thats just mass effect 2 also. I want dlc because its changes story a bit if you have done them like lair and overlord.

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I got ME2 on the PS3 because of the DLC and them bragging about the improved graphics, but man, all the jagged edges were so bad I couldn't stand to play it. Looked horrible. Go with 360.

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PS3 does have more dlc in the Trilogy pack so I'll say go for that. That said, the PS3 did lock up once on ME2 and once on ME3 for me. Had to do a hard reset.