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So I thought I was done with Mass Effect 3 and I decided that I would never touch it again. But now that the DLC is getting some praise, I think I'm gonna jump back in. I will obviously play the extended ending first, but then what? Is the best order: From Ashes, Leviathan, Omega and The Citadel? Or is there a better order to play them in?

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That's the order I played it in and I thought it was fine :)

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It depends.

If you are playing them as part of a complete playthrough, this is how I feel they integrate best into the story.

1. From Ashes (as soon as possible, after Menae is good)

2. Omega (anytime is fine really, though I feel like it fits well after the coup attempt)

3. Leviathan (definitely late game, right before or right after Thessia fits well)

4. Citadel (play it stand alone by loading an earlier save once you finish the game, it doesn't really fit as part of the main story)

Now, if you are just going to play these all stand alone it doesn't really matter a whole lot which order you play them in, though Citadel would be best played last.

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I will play them as stand alone after my finished playthrough. I'll probably just play it in the order that I listed, I really don't feel like playing them as part of a new game. That would take way too much time. Thanks for the answers!

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If you're going to play through all of it anyway, why not play the DLC as part of the main campaign? It's gonna take the same amount of time in the end right? And they really add to your game if you play them the way ll_Exile_ll mentioned.

Especially From Ashes, that one is pretty much useless if you save it until you've finished the campaign, because a lot of it's content is spread through the game's main campaign if you bring the new party member on missions with you.

I even suspect Citadel would work pretty well if you play it as soon as it becomes available, and then come back to it over time.

Ah well, do what seems right to you.

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@robinottens: I said that I will play them as separate and that I will not play through it all again (I guess I could have been clearer about that). Playing through it all with the DLC would be the best option, but I really don't have the time to do so.

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From Ashes, After Menae. Omega, After meeting Aria the first time. Leviathan, After Thessia. Citadel, After the coup.