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I'm on normal, but have died a number of times so far. I'm still only possessed of the silenced pistol, is anyone else finding this?

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Yeah, it was rough. I played through ME3 twice, and the second time on Insanity, and that was the save I used. Going in cold on Insanity in that section was not fun. Luckily I played as an Infiltrator, so I had tactical cloak which was a huge help. Rely on your powers more, since you don't have any weapons. But yeah, you're not crazy, it's really frustrating. Not quite as difficult as the hardest parts of the main game (god damn fucking Banshees on the last encounter on earth still pisses me off!), but it's up there.

What I found is that you have to hang back a lot more than you did in the main game, since it seems like you're significantly weaker without your armor and you have no guns. Move backwards and try take the mercs out one by one. Also, you know those little shield-destroying drones they send out? You don't have to kill them, when they get close they'll make a noise which means they're about to blow up. If you move away at that point (I think one or two dodge-rolls was enough), they'll explode without harming you. That helped me out a lot when I realized it.

Also, at a few points I think I just took off and ran through all the enemies while cloaked to get to the next checkpoint, but that probably only works if you have tactical cloak.

Good luck!

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i thought so yeh, it is a blitz of tough enemies with no guns or teammates to help, i was rusty with the build i was using and it wasn't the most forgiving way to get back up to speed

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If you're already done with the main game just put it to the 'narrative' difficulty. That's what I did anyway.

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I only died once, and it was near the end. I never really had many issues with the difficulty.

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I finished it yesterday. Oh god, I loved it! Just. The whole thing. ~ Its not that hard. I had so many leading the guy's head with an assault rifle, headshot!- moments. I haven't had fun like that in a while. ~ It chugs a while and doesn't stop on PS3 though..

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They touched on this in the Quick Look, seems that if you are solider class you have an even harder times because there is no extra ammo available.

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No, if you hadn't realised yet the pistol 1 shots all the guys with a headshot so ammo wasn't an issue.

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@carryboy said:

No, if you hadn't realised yet the pistol 1 shots all the guys with a headshot so ammo wasn't an issue.


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The Suppressor is a headshot gun, it has the highest headshot multiplier, 1.4 in multiplayer not sure about singleplayer, but has a small penalty anywhere else. Also a correctly spec Soldier can easily deal with all defenses, without the need of guns.

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The start is meant to be a stealth mission. You're meant to take out the dudes without alarming the others...or so I've read somewhere. I just went in gun/biotics blazing.

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Yup. Going into it "cold turkey" was not a good way to start the DLC. I've been playing nothing but the multiplayer since Leviathan. Hadn't touched the single player since then.

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I just went full aggro and tore them apart. The whole DLC felt really easy.

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Yeah, I found it incredibly rough. Kept running out of ammo.

Maybe your class fucked you? I was an infiltrator and yeah, I really had no powers to help in that situation. Even the soldier could use Adrenalin Rush to head shot dudes...

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I played it with a Soldier build...on Insanity. If I hadn't had Concussive Shot take on the ammo power that I had active, I wouldn't have made it through the first part. As it was, I still had to turn down the difficulty on the boss fight.

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You have to be patient and only score headshots in my experience.

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I played on hardcore as an infiltrator. I had to resort to cloaking through the entire area, but the rest of it was pretty manageable once I got another squadmate.

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I played it on Hardcore the first time and did it early in the game, so yeah, it was a bit of a shock, until I went to the strategy of staying back and utilizing my power attacks to stay in cover and save ammo. Dominate is very handy.

Then once I thought everything was cool, the ending made me realize it's not the beginning that's tough. LOL