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Poll: Should I still play the trilogy? (94 votes)

Yes 93%
No 7%

I know basically how Mass Effect 3 ends, but I've been dying for a sci-fi game for some time now. Is it still worth going back to play the trilogy? I own the original on PC but only played it for about an hour. I'm interested in going back, but don't want to waste my time. What should I do?

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I think it's absolutely worth playing even if you know the ending. Just keep an open mind in the first game, because the gameplay is a little rough around the edges. The world in Mass Effect is really interesting as a whole, so immersing yourself in the foriegn world can be really fun. I recently started playing through the first game again because I just felt like playing the series again. Knowing the ending doesn't really take much away from the experience, I think (except maybe a little in the third game).

Just keep in mind that the gameplay is much improved in the second, and then a little more in the third.

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Absolutely. All the games are great and taking as a whole the series works very well. Ending be damned.

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Of course. The first game is great but really flawed in annoying ways, the second game works on some of those faults but still has some of its own, and the third game is pretty good but with a lot of holes and new/old flaws. Still loved the ~100 hours I put into one character between the games.

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Absolutely. The ending is such a tiny part of the whole anyway. There are many great moments waiting to be experienced in all three games.

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They make up three of the most important games of the generation. In so many different ways, not all of them good, they've totally changed or subliminally altered the trajectory of the industry.

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The Mass Effect series is my favourite IP of this generation and I recommend anyone interested in sci-fi games to check it out. Enjoy!

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I'd say play the first and leave it at that, let your imagination create whatever you want to fill in the rest of the universe and potential.
Second one is easier to play even if the story is retarded as anything, (with shadow broker being the exception)
And the 3rd game is just awful, not even just the ending, it's a half baked half arsed mess, skip it if you can control yourself

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Yes, absolutely. The gameplay in the first game haven't aged well, I recommend playing it on normal or easy. The second and third still play great and if you weren't caught in the hoopla surrounding the conclusion you probably won't be as disappointed. Play it with the DLC like Brad, its not so bad.

This trilogy is not the last people have heard from Mass Effect, knowing EA they will continue to pump out games. Before that noise further taints the legacy of this awesome series I recommend people play it while fresh.

You can make it through all three in about 50-60 hours, the mechanics/graphics get better along the way and you can make your own decision about the ending.

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Worth playing for sure. Keep playing them over the years. These game are easily going to be in my every so often game rotation along with Zelda, Mario and some FF games. Ni No Kuni will now be part of that list also. Mass Effect is one of the best series I have played and it is in my all time favorites list. Enjoy them all!

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It's like totally about the journey man, not the destination. On any trip you know where you'll end up, it's getting there that is the fun

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It's probably this generation's most defining debut franchise. So yes, you should.

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I voted no, but really, I am saying that you should play the first and second games, and skip the 3rd if you already know the end. The 3rd isn't great and is basically played like a deflating balloon until the last air finally pitters out at the closing moments of Mass Effect 3.

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You should at least play the first two. The third one... eh. I'd say that you can take it or leave it. It's got the best controls of all three games, but the encounters are terribly uninteresting and the story, when not making you sigh with disappointment, is even more boring than the encounters. The characters are all right, but then their dialogue is mostly poo as well.

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I started at 2 and feel i got the Mass Effect experience.

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It's absolutely worth the playthrough. And you must play ME3. Don't listen to those telling you to skip it. For all its flaws (and there are many) it has some of the most amazing moments of the series, from the final resolution of the Krogan situation, to the small, emotional moments between characters you grow to love in ME2. The third game of the series may not stack up as a whole against ME2, but it is still a fantastic game by any standard. ME3 has some of the best character moments I've ever experienced in any game. They shouldn't be missed.

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You should absolutely play them. They're all great games. Most people think 2 is the best, including me, but they all have something to offer. The furor over 3 wasn't entirely undeserved, but it was blown pretty far out of proportion. Still a really good game and a great series.

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I only played the first two and felt like it was worthwhile. So I'll say that you don't have to play the whole trilogy, start ME1 again and go as far from there as you like.

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Yeah sure you should play them. I started playing the whole thing after the ending debacle and i enjoyed most of my time with it.

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Unless you hate great games, then you should play it.

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I'd wait for the inevitable release of the "ULTIMATE MASS PACKAGE" or whatever that includes all the DLC for all three games. This trilogy thing just came too soon after 3 was released.

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Mass effect 1, 2 and the most of 3 is amazing. And even though you know what happens, you dont know anything else like "how it happens". Which means that you are not going to be as disappointed by the ending but you will be amazed by everything else. Seems like a good trade off.

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The same way you watch all 6 star wars even if you know vader is his father before watching and the fact that the last prequel "sequel" aren't as good you should play mass effect even if you know some part sucks and even if you know the ending is a bit of a let down.

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Yes. Mass Effect 1 is a great story behind archaic gameplay. Mass Effect 2 is a masterpiece. Mass Effect 3 is a mediocre and ultimately disappointing end, but still a blast to play.

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Yep, I have only played the first which is amazing, but the general consensus seems to be that both the 2nd and 3rd game are still great. No harm in checking them out!

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Yes definitely. I loved the first two ( i think i actually liked me1 better than me2 because the story is better). Its worth playing through it just for the story. Its probably the defining ip of the generation.

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Yes, yes, yes, a resounding yes. The games are really about the atmosphere and the ambience of a futuristic world, and it's amazing to see (generally) how well Bioware has constructed this living, breathing world. And really, the ending of Mass Effect 3 is not that bad. It doesn't discredit the 60+ hours you spent in the Mass Effect universe. It's just disappointing, because you know that Bioware could have done better.

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Yes you should. I say you will have an even better time because you don't have to worry about crushing disappointment since you know how it ends. So all there is left is to enjoy that ride and it a very awesome ride.

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Yes. Play femshep and you'll never look back.

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Thanks everybody for the feedback, looks like I'm playing all of them when I get some time. And for those wondering, I really don't have an issue with the ending. Personally, I think some people's expectations were unrealistic. I'm actually kind of looking forward to playing it with the ending in mind. Like putting the pieces together backwards.