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Drop you PSN ID in if you're gonna be playing Mercenary Kings when it hits PS+.

Feel free to add me. Devil240Z

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I already have you in my friends list... JUSTIN!

PSN ID: anti-Altair16

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Tukijohnson if anyone is keen!

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I'll probably do some digging into this one.

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Hit me up!

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Sent out requests to the dudes that already posted names in here. My PSN ID is xfuturesx.

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Definitely will be playing. Enjoyed what little I had played on PC.

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Hopefully this comes out earlier in April rather than later.

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@somberowl: I know it at least comes out in North America this Tuesday (April 1) Not sure about other territories though.

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i'm down.

PSN id: Darkjohnny47

PS, I will send out name requests, so be warned.

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psn id: reavx

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PSN ID: Tuimic

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PSN: kqedequalsvolvo

Out April 2nd in euroland.

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PSN: Xeiphyer

Woop woop!

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PSN: mdnytecartunr (already posted on the Spelunky and Luftrausers boards)

Can't wait!

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Feel free to add me PSN: SeanCoughing

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Looking forward to it!

PSN: Kittiah

#21 Posted by Grassdragon (3 posts) -

PSN: Grassdragon

Let's see if my notorious (inFamous?) connection can hold up for this one. I'll be adding all y'all tomorrow morning.

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Hell yes


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I've been waiting to check this one out.

PSN: Revbox

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PSN: mbmsog

Oh yea!

EDIT: looks like it comes out tomorrow for the US: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/03/31/playstation-plus-mercenary-kings-and-batman-arkham-city-for-members/

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I'm pretty pumped for this game.

PSN: Koko_Flores

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I'm down for some bad ass pixels.

PSN: Cruelink

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O yeah!

#28 Posted by AsMyBrideBurns (7 posts) -

PSN: ZombifiedKitten

Lets kill shit.

#29 Posted by SomberOwl (876 posts) -

PSN: SomberOwl

Looking to get all the trophies for this game. So if your down for that lets play.

I have a headset and will talk if you want and play usually between 2pm - 6pm and 8pm - until tired Eastern times.

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sure, im down if anyones interested

psn = mrfluke

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Im creative, I know

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I plan on downloading it and giving it a try tonight. Looks like fun.


#33 Posted by Optix12 (648 posts) -

Im optix12, feel free to add me, just started downloading it now (in the EU)

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I'll be honest, I have no idea if I'll be playing immediately or not. Since I just beat Dark Souls 2 and still want to keep playing it, but just in case I will my info down.

PSN ID: GTCknight

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Manic_Clown, I'm up for some coop.

#36 Posted by EvanFavreau (86 posts) -

ID: Evan Favreau

This game is pretty fun, and I need PSN friends

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Mercenary Kings is cool so what the hell I'm in.

PSN ID: DanPersona

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Let's do this: Kemble15