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In the last 4 months I have bought two new game systems, a brand new ps vita on ebay for $160 and an xbox 360 from amazon. I can now enjoy many games that I could not play on my gaming PC. The only game in the mgs series I have played and beaten was mgs 3 snake eater on ps2. I bought metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty, but i could not get used to the top camera angle and It seemed that the 3rd game had many cool new features. I just decided I want to replay MGS 3 and would like to know on what platform I would have the best experience. ps vita or xbox 360?? I would also like to experience mg solid 4 for the first time and was wondering if I should buy a ps3 or get a ps4 instead and wait till the streaming games service is implemented.

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I wouldn't get a ps3 this late in the game unless you want to play other stuff besides MGS4. The hd collection on the 360 would be the best version I think. I have it on ps3 and it looks damn good.

well... maybe get a ps3 if you can find one cheap idk.

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Wait you couldn't get use to the top down view of MGS2 even though Snake Eater uses that same view unless you actually played Subsistence because you weren't sure. Anyway the HD version is the best way to go about it price check the Vita and 360 versions as they both will be exactly same experience.

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I would imagine that the Vita and 360 versions of the HD collections are the same. Except the vita version doesn't have Peace Walker, so if you want to play that, go for HD collection on 360.

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From what I've played of the Vita version when it was on PS+, the framerate isn't great and the lack of L2 and R2 means you have to use the rear touchpad to lean and peak over stuff when you're aiming in first person, which is less than great.

Nothing game breaking, but I wouldn't recommend the Vita version to anyone unless they only have a Vita.

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@cold_wolven: from what I remember of mgs 3 and then playing mgs 2, the view in 2 is more top down or maybe I find it like that because of the small vita screen that makes it seem different.

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I would go with the 360 version because of more buttons.

And honestly, coming from someone who LOVES the first 3 games and Peace Walker, you could probably just skip 4 and be totally fine. I really hated that game.

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I would go for the 360 version of MGS3. Bigger screen and more comfortable controller. For me the 360/PS3 version of MGS3 as its the closest to original. As for MGS4, I wouldn't really bother with it right now. With the PS4 coming out in days, and Gaikai to follow, It might not be a good decision to get a PS3 right now. I'd atleast wait to see if it does come to PS4.

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I don't know how good the Vita version of MGS 3 HD is, but in general, retro gaming is amazing on Vita. Ideal platform for playing older games. It makes anything look gorgeous, and it's got all the buttons and sticks you need.

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You're better off getting the PS2 version over the 360 HD version.

Kojima's games use pressure sensitive button inputs--holding the face buttons down soft or hard have different effects. This mechanic is not supported by the 360 controller. They built work-arounds, but it's not as intuitive as the original controls.

PS2 Sustenance has the most content (Snake vs. Monkey, secret theater), but PS3 is probably the most definitive experience.

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360 version, the Vita version is fine but some of the rear touch stuff can get annoying(I still can't reliably slit a guards neck, I'm swiping to the right you stupid Vita!) . (PS3 is the best version though)