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The phantom pain trailer from e3 Has a transport vehicle in it that looks like the IAV Stryker Those did not start being put into protype phase until 1999 or the late 90's and was not put into deployment until the year 2002. So in other words the game is trying to be somewhat accurate to the time period and they screwed up or kojima is fucking with everybody minds on what time this takes place, or they just don't care and put it in anyway or it is a made up rip off. but what isn't? why bother to make everything else look correct for the time if they are going to just throw anything they want in?

he also has a robot arm so what ever kojima.

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Knowing Kojima, that's he probably knew that and put it in the trailer to suggest that there is time travel.

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Yeah, and we didn't see real bipedal walking tanks until at least the second resource wars

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@cubical: There are also modern electronic cigars in the game, nano-machines, and cloning. Plus vampires, psychics, giant flame whales, shoulder-mounted nuclear weapons, massive mecha, and every gun you can imagine. Kojima is just putting in whatever the heck he likes, set in time periods and scenarios roughly related to reality.

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Metal Gear Fans...

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Peace Walker had giant robots and was set in 1974, but I guess I can see why you would get upset at a car.

Edit: Real talk though I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be something along the lines of the BTR-60, which was created in 1961 and appeared in Peace Walker.

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@cubical said:

he also has a robot arm so what ever kojima.

you already know.

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You mean this thing, next to the truck? It looks to me like a Soviet BTR-60/70 or a variant of it. That were used in the invasion of Afghanistan in the 80s

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@cubical: Also, at what point in the trailer are you referring to? I just watched it again, and I didn't actually notice an IAV Stryker. Are you referring to the vehicle in the background at 4:45 min into the 9 min trailer? Because that looks like an earlier BTR-60, as Taku mentioned. Which would fit Afghanistan in the early 80s, as many were used in the Soviet invasion.

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@bismarck: Exactly! And with this game set in the early 80s, it makes sense.

Though, even if it didn't make sense, it wouldn't be out of place in a Metal Gear game. Though, this happens to make sense.

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I read somewhere it might also take place in 1989 and/or early 90s in the First Civil war in Liberia, which might explain the child soldiers, plus Raiden took part in it as a child trained as a soldier, didnt he? The war ended in 1996.

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There has always been a bunch of vehicles and gadgets in the Metal Gear game's that are (sometimes far) detached from the reality of the time of their setting. I specifically remember the Sigint-"thermal goggles"-conversation from Snake Eater. As long as Kojima wants to implement a certain tool in his game, he finds a way to do so. The cool thing is he never appears to just throw it in there without at least coming up with some sort of crazy explanation.
Though this vehicle is most likely not the Stryker but the BTR-60 already prominently featured in Peace Walker.

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A gif of the vehicle that he drives
M1128 Mobile Gun System

Well what do you know we might be wrong, the thing he drives in the trailer looks like a M1128 Mobile Gun System or a Canadian LAVIII, which the M1128 is based of.

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@bismarck: I don't think anyone was talking about that vehicle he was riding. It's clearly a separate one from the one in the trailer at 4:45 that looks a bit more like the IAV Stryker but is actually more likely a Soviet BTR-60. All of the vehicles I've seen in the trailer(besides the mini metal gear) look like they are based on vehicles of the time.

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Guys, you do know it's a game in the series of video games that feature clones, robot arms, giant fucking mechs, a cyborg ninja, yet another cyborg ninja, a third cyborg ninja that stops a ship with his hands and a bunch of crazy people, right?

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Wait. Kojima is being crazy? WHAT THE FUCK?! Mind blow! #noway #getoutoftown

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@bismarck: The turret on that in-game vehicle is far too large and flat to be a vehicle like those two. I don't think it's the topic of this thread, but I think it much more resembles a wheeled tank destroyer.

For example, this wheeled tank destroyer with a more similar turret:



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@zeforgotten: Discussing it is more fun. :)

And in this particular case, it does appear that Kojima was actually referencing a real vehicle that would have been in Afghanistan at the time.

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Back when MGS3 came out, there were some things in it that people said would in no way be actually available in 1964. Kojima's defense was that while they weren't commercially available, most things are in development and prototype mode for at least a decade before the general public sees it. My guess is that his defense here would be along the same lines.

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Like many have said, I don't think you can question any of the technological advancements and whether or not they are chronologically accurate in a game with fully functioning robotic limb replacements in the early 80s and walking tanks.

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Also I think you will find that ghost skull technology was not deployed on the battlefield until 2008. Lame.

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You know what? I just don't care.

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I'm a bit baffled that despite other comments seemingly showing that it was probably based on a real vehicle of the time period, people are still commenting that it's just Kojima being absurd. This is an odd instance where he appears to have actually been semi-accurate. The "Kojima is carazy!" argument doesn't have anything to do with this.

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Walking nuclear tanks. Ninja Cyborgs. A man with a robot arm and a horn.

I could do this for a while...

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@zeforgotten: Discussing it is more fun. :)

And in this particular case, it does appear that Kojima was actually referencing a real vehicle that would have been in Afghanistan at the time.

He can reference a real vehicle all he wants, no matter if it fits in or not.
"OH man, holy shit, look at that building, it just started moving and turned into a robot... WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! HOLD ON! PAUSE! WOAH! .. That vehicle over there wasn't even being manufactured yet! What the hell man 0/10!" is probably not something I'll be saying, that's for sure.

Mostly because I realized long ago that MGS games aren't based on a true story.
Now if they were though, that would be pretty sweet :P

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@quarters: I was playing F22 Raptor game for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis back in 92. Based on the YF22 which then made the F22 which an actual physical F22 was not built until 1996. Did not take its first flight until 1997. Was not Cleared and entered service untill 2005.

So things can take decade or two to get made and video games can make them inbetween then or feature them before their service date.

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Wow, Kojima you're such an idiot. I don't think robot arms even exist -oh yeah the rocks or whatever in Snakes head would also probably kill him dumbass.

Unrealistic game will not buy.

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I can't believe something in Metal Gear was portrayed in an unrealistic way.

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So many dismissive people who did not read past the first post.

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@akyho: Yeah, exactly. I certainly thought it seemed like a reasonable statement back when he said it. In particular, I think they were talking about the hover platforms that certain guards used in MGS3.

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Yo there are robots in this series. And personal hovercraft in the 60's

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Yeah, I feel like Kojima took certain liberties earlier in the Big Boss story thread that mitigate any attachment to military history. Foremost among them is probably when Big Boss killed that guy made of bees.

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About 80% of Peace Walker's arsenal was made up of weapons and vehicles that were all just prototypes literally decades ahead of their time. It featured not one, but several giant death robots run by advanced artificial intelligences. The entirety of Metal Gear Solid 4 takes place in 2014 and features all sorts of bonkers shit. Is this really where the line of time period appropriate military hardware gets crossed?