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Poll: Who else is excited for Redux? (46 votes)

Yes, I am. This is going to be awesome, and I've already played the original two! 20%
Yes, I am. It should be awesome; at least I hope it will be. I haven't played the original two, but I'm excited. 30%
No, I'm not really. I've already played the original two, and while I liked those, the update isn't enough for me. 28%
No, I'm not. I didn't play the original two, and don't really care for this. 4%
I may or may not get it, I don't know. 11%
Other 7%

I played Last Light early this year (or late last), and it turned out to be one of my favorite games of last year, in my top five I'd say, and I just played as well as finished Metro 2033 a couple of days ago. When it came out, I had wondered if I wanted it, but I ended up not getting it even though from what I've heard, the atmosphere may have intrigued me, and I love great game atmospheres, but it wasn't until Last Light that I really wanted to get it. Since my brother wanted to owe me back for getting him Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, he got me Metro 2033 (and just now gave me money to cover the rest of what he owed me even though I said Metro was good enough...)

I was surprised at how very similar 2033 and Last Light are. I had no idea. I also personally don't understand any arguments as to which is better due to that. I mean, I've seen some say the first has a better take on atmosphere, and Last Light took a more shooter route, but really, you could play them very similarly and the sights and sounds were similar as well, that I just didn't see it, as well as how Metro 2033 is supposedly harder. The only thing that 2033 doesn't do as well is stealth in my opinion. I think they both have their pluses and minuses in which they do things better, but overall work well together that I just can't personally say one's better than the other overall.

That brings me to Redux, which will make them play in parity, which excites me. Just the amount of stuff they'll be doing to both these titles for new-gen consoles has me excited, and it's not just visuals. What about you?

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i got both games for free on pc and still have not played em.

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Excited to play the first, haven't really played too much of it since it came out and I beat it (only got about halfway through on a second playthrough)

Never got far in the second because other stuff kept coming up, but I wanna get to it eventually

I'll be buying both

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@somedelicook: It's separate on PC, but comes as a package on consoles I believe, so I assume you're getting them on PC?

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Don't have the PC to see the second game in the best light (ha) and I like playing big games on consoles, so this should be good. Also, 2033 plays like garbage so hopefully they fix it up some.

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@bigjeffrey: How come? (I forgot to reply to this in the other comment.) You should play them when you can, they're good. I wouldn't call them your typical shooter since it emphasises on atmosphere and story, so there are times when you're not even roaming around with a gun, and times when you are, but not really shooting anything.

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@adam1808: I don't think 2033 plays like garbage; it could use fixing with its stealth, but otherwise it's fine to me, just as well as Last Light. My problem with 2033 was its stealth, I mean, it was hard to do it well, so I often had to resort to just gunning guys down, and more so with human enemies, I thought it was good. I may have to play on hard to see if things change, because then I'm more focused, and then perhaps I'd accomplish being more stealthy. I don't know. The fact the Redux is fixing this though is nice.

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Loved the first game, and only played the 2nd about a third of the way I think so far. Great series imo, and if the redux is improved it's all to the good.

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Even though I already own both games on PC, I'm 100% getting Redux. What I'm most excited for in Redux is playing Metro 2033 again, but in the much more optimized Metro Last Light engine. Metro 2033 always gave me stuttering, but Last Light was smooth sailing.

Glad to see someone else appreciate these games, and Last Light specifically was my GOTY last year. It's been a long time since I was so engaged from beginning to end in a game, nonetheless a shooter. Really hope we get a new game from 4A Games soon.

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metro 2033 is a pretty special game, never played last light, gonna definitely pick this collection up.

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Love the hell out of both of these games, and I will almost certainly get this when it comes out. I prefer 2033's story over that of Last Light because of all the mystery and ambiguity surrounding it. Last Light didn't have much of that, and I thought the final act was pretty silly. Last Light's gameplay was much improved over 2033, though. The shooting in 2033 never felt quite right, so I hope they actually went and fixed that for this collection. It would be nice if they improved the human AI in both titles, too, but that might be asking for too much.

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@onekillwonder_: I don't know about the feel of shooting, but they're supposedly making the A.I. smarter.

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@pimblycharles: They're making new games as they're doing this; this is also a way for them to understand how to create games on new-gen hardware.

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@ntm: Using Redux as a stepping stone into expanding their engine for new-gen hardware makes sense, but how do you know they are working on new games (plural?)? I guess you could have meant counting the Redux as making these "new" again, but that might be a stretch. The improvements being made are pretty expansive though for both Metros compared to stuff like GOTY editions and other weak remakes/repackaging.

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I've been meaning to play through 2033 for years. Redux gives me a good reason to finally jump into the series.

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Metro 2033 is one of my favorite games of all time. But the price point for a shinier package kind of makes me weary about the whole thing. But I'll probably get it if the reviews/talk about them indicate that the changes are worthwhile.

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Hell yeah I am! Those are two of the best shooters of the last generation and the improvements they have planned to the gameplay sound fantastic.

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I have no intention of getting it, I've played and beaten both games, and they would have make extensive changes and add a lot of extra content for me to even consider buying this.

Also, I liked Metro 2033 better than the sequel because the good ending is a LOT stronger in the first game than it is in the second. Other than that, both games are practically identical, though I DO remember thinking the stealth in the second game was SIGNIFICANTLY easier than it was in the first. Though once you buy the stealth suit in the first game, it's not too bad there either.

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I played Last Light on my PS3 thanks to PS+ and really enjoyed it. I tried playing 2033 on my PC but it gave me nothing but problems so I was never able to finish it. I'm definitely looking forward to Playing through both of them in Redux.

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Other. I only played Last Light and I really liked it but I felt it was lacking on PS3. How you ask? Graphics. It just never immersed me because the lighting, etc. I saw the game on YouTube being played on PC after I beat it on PS3 and was astonished with how great it looked. That stuff really makes a difference. As for 2033, I saw it on YouTube a couple years back and as much as I liked what the game was, I said I'd never want to play it. With how scarce ammo is in that game, monsters ate up ammo like nothing and it just looked to difficult. But hearing that they fixed the game up makes me want to play it now. I'm pretty excited to play Redux on PS4.

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@pimblycharles: No, because they said they were making games alongside this. So what I said, is exactly what I meant.

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@awesomeusername: That depends on difficulty I'm sure. I personally played it on easy on my first go, and there was a lot of ammo; I never once ran out, because you both buy ammo, and pick ammo up. It's the same difficulty as Last Light.

@random45: Yes, it was easier, but because it added mechanics, that made it better in my opinion. I would say 2033's stealth is both flawed and somewhat archaic compared to Last Light. There were moments in 2033 that you couldn't kill anyone, otherwise you'd be alerted and guys would go after you no matter what.

@zolroyce: 50 dollars for both games plus all the DLC and it's new extras?

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No, I'm not really. I've already played the original two, and while I liked those, and didn't really like 'em so the update isn't enough for me

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I played Last Light recently when it was free on PS+ and enjoyed it way more than I expected. I don't see myself running out to pick up Redux day 1, but the idea of having both games on the PS4 is enticing enough that I'll likely get it eventually.

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2033 was a bit too clunky for my taste and didn't run that well on my PC, so I abandoned it after a few attempts. Last Light felt better for me, but I got sidetracked by other games and never returned to it. So...maybe I'll buy 'em? 40 euros isn't too shabby of two full-length games, that would also look and run way better on PS4 than on my PC.

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I played both games back to back last summer. Even though I think the update's cool and I love 2033 and Last Light, I don't think I can play those games again anytime soon.

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@sharkethic: Darn, that's the option I missed... I like covering all of them if I can and knew I was missing one.

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@ntm: If you had never played them before that price is alright, but that's a bit of a no go price for me, although I do get a discount of 50% if I pre-order them which is nice. But that's still 25 dollars for two games I've already played.
I'm not saying the price system they have is terrible and should be shunned, but for my own feelings a price that would have made me jump on it would have to be lower.