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Beat it last night and I'm baffled by the lack of attention this game got at release.
According to the credits, this game was made by a team about 10th of the size of a
modern game its type and probably 10th of the budget but the world they've
created is one of the most vivid I've ever seen in a video game. The graphics are
often jaw-dropping and it's hard to get my mind around the fact that this engine
came out of a small Ukrainian studio. Of course there are some general lack of
polish a game like this can't afford but the attention to detail is right up there with
the biggest of blockbusters.

I urge everyone to play this game especially if you're a ps+ member where it's on
instant atm but I'm sure everyone else could find it on the cheap. I don't like fps'
but I'm still glad I went through it.

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It's pretty good.

Shooting mechanics were excellent, as well as the art design. The writing and voice acting was pretty bad though.

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@mustainium: The game does suffer from a bad translation but do you really want a well translated Easter European game?

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I liked the game as well...the atmosphere is so oppressive especially if you sneak around and listen to some of the conversations. I had two issues with the game: the story IMO went off the rails in act 3. Just too weird for my taste. Secondly was a major glitch I ran into where I could not kill any enemies nor could they kill me. Enemies wouldn't even look at me and re-setting the level did nothing. So basically I ran past everyone for two levels and it totally took me out of the game. Don't know how common this bug was but it was damn near game-breaking...too bad cuz LL is GOTY material otherwise.

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The game has respect I think, just not on a giant level which say the Assassins Creed games do or some such, which is unfortunate for sure but I think it did well enough for itself. I know in an article or video on the site Patrick mentioned really liking 2033 and LL and I think one or two of the other guys were into it as well. The game always got favorable reviews and scores wherever it was mentioned, it just wasn't mentioned en-mass per say.

As @stryker1121 said though some glitches could get real bad, I had one that broke an entire level for me where my guy wouldn't bring up his gun, or change his gas mask filter, another glitch benefited me greatly though where my current gas mask filter never ran out! I never had to worry or collect another one for the entire level at that point, which meant I could go around the current level and just do an overkill on the amount of filters I was able to collect.

Edit: Also I feel like I'm the only person who liked/didn't have a problem with the English voice acting/writing? Patrick went on about "you gotta play it with the Russian voices and English subtitles" but it never made a huge different to me, I don't know, I thought the voice actors did a fine job for the English version.

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I liked the game a lot too. I appreciated the fact that getting the 'good' ending was a lot more straight forward and easy than it was in the first ending, and I liked the fact that you explore the surface a lot more often in this game than in the first game. The surface is just so damn creepy and well done, being out there just makes you feel like you're going to die any second, and it's really tense. I thought the story was good enough for an FPS, and it seemed to progress at a good pace. I'mm also kind of a fan of the stupid Russian accents they do, it gives the game a sort of charm that it wouldn't have otherwise had.

That being said, the game's not very memorable for me, I'm having a difficult time even really recalling many of the levels. I remember thinking it was good back when I played it, but that's it. The first game definitely left a much bigger impact on me, probably since getting the good ending in that game was actually pretty difficult (Difficult as in, you're not going to get it on your first go without a guide most likely), and it leaves you with such a nice and hopeful message at the end that makes it one of my favorite game endings of all time.

Regardless, they'e both fun games.

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I do greatly respect the effort and work that was put into this game by its developers, especially given its constraints. However, I don't think its plot was particularly well-written and I don't think its gameplay is always as engaging as it wants to be. A solid game that's definitely worth your time but it's not really all that memorable.

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Everyone stand in fucking awe!!!

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I liked it a lot up until the end. It lost steam I thought... I can't remember exactly what occurred. I do remember the terrible railgun sequence at the end; that's what stuck with me most as to why I didn't like it as much as I initially did. Plus, I think it came out around the same time as Bioshock Inifinite if I'm not mistaken.

The best part of the game is early on. The Nazi base part. That was great. These type of games made by Russian devs or wherever they are from always have some of the best atmosphere. Cryostasis is still one of my favorite FPS games. It has a similar tone.

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Yeah, it was an aswome game. I'm planning on rebuying it on ps4 once its released.

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I don't know how much they invested in marketing/PR, but I think that might be part of the issue it's been overlooked a bit. It reviewed well; the problem probably isn't the game.