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So, I played a LOT of M&M back in the day, but for some reason I've not really followed this New game at all. So, how are people liking it? It would be really cool to get into another M&M game, if it's any good of course.

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Critical reception has been (unsurprisingly) mixed, but it's has been (surprisingly) well-received by the M&M fan community. Personally, I'm a little more than halfway through the game and I'd say it's pretty great. It's a little rough around the edges, but it nails the "feel" of the older Might and Magic games (especially World of Xeen) really well.

I'll probably write something up at some point.

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If you like first person dungeon crawlers then you should probably play this game.

Whether it's a work of brilliance or just quite well-made isn't something I'm certain of yet, but it's definitely pretty good.

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Aside from it's technical problems, ie it's super unoptimized for the simple visuals it's putting out. It's really good

I like the feel of the it's turn based approach to everything, yet it does not impede fast exploration and moving about in any way. After the first act you can start exploring at your leisure and get yourself into as much trouble as you want. Which is what I like about this game, it does not babysit your combat encounters, you can get into some tough fights where you are just scraping by, other times you're just laying waste, yet others you find something that just destroys you. The combat is also well done, there is some depth to it, even to the point where you are looking at what enemy you are fighting what stats it has, what's better suitable for defeating it etc (armor ,dodge , blocks, resistances, special abilities) there is a good amount of variety all in all. It's also very snappy for those fights you just want to mash attack through if you know there is no danger. One other thing i have to keep in mind tho is that it's not a full priced title, so it being limited in scope in some areas (like say character creation) is acceptable. There are also occasional puzzles which help vary things up and even some quest choices to be made.

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So, I played a LOT of M&M back in the day, but for some reason I've not really followed this New game at all. So, how are people liking it? It would be really cool to get into another M&M game, if it's any good of course.

If you like world of Xeen it is really good and in the beginning on warrior surprisingly challenging as well. Besides combat dungeons there are also a lot of riddles and puzzles you can or must solve which is also a nice throwback to the older M&M games. Yes it is a budget game and there are mixed reviews because they try to compare it with games like skyrim. But the community of M&M received it pretty well. IT is only 24$ so you really should buy it if you are a fan of the older games.

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It's pretty good. The world feels relatively small, but in hindsight I guess all of the M&M worlds were fairly small to just walk through but had encounters and areas/dungeons that either gated you or made the world inflate in size in a good way. What little of the plot there is exists as dressing and isn't worth thinking about, the art is re-used assets from HoM&MVI, and the sound design is crazy all over the place with bugs that like to loop the combat music over and over again until you restart. The thing's unoptimized as a motherfucker and runs really slowly, but because of the nature of the game it isn't a big deal. I can't tell if it's my PC, UPlay, or MMXL but it also bogs my PC down for a good 30s after shutting down. Skills, leveling up, and training all work nicely (though there are some expert and master trainers that are just totally in assbackwards locations in terms of plot gating) and makes every time you level up an important event. There are skillsets that are clearly insane for the monsters in the game and some that are just abjectly awful for large portions of the game (i.e. pure ranged physical), also pro-tip: celestial armor.

Aside from that the encounter design ranges from awesome to total shit. One-on-one encounters are tedious potion chugging contests until you roll over the boss, and the game likes to dump loads and loads of ambushes on you but the standard encounters are generally challenging fun. It's a good game, but it definitely feels like the sort of game that is just testing the waters on this genre before being taken seriously by Ubisoft.

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Cool, need to get this ASAP then. Thanks for the feedback!

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I thought I'd comment on this one since it's been while since the community has talked about it.

I've had this one for a while, but just started playing it recently and have put 40 hours into it now. I will finish it. But this is really a comment on the first 1/2 of the game. Aside from the really crappy frame rate moving through the outdoor areas in some spots, I really enjoy the game and I'm looking forward always to exploring the next thing. The fights are tense and you'll I'm an old school MM fan, and MM2 is responsible for me being a big RPG fan today. I haven't played one since MM6, but I love the way MMX brought back a lot of the things that made MM1-5 great. I hope that in the future, a bigger budget can be had for this series. In the 90's those games were fairly cutting edge with the presentation at the time, and it'd be awesome to see some realistic creepy environments done really well with today's technology.