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I know there is a thread for screenshots here but I felt there should be another one to post our doodles.

To get your doodle go to https://miiverse.nintendo.net/ and sign in.

Here is my picture of the Ice Climbers.

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Oh, man, I'm really into the Miiverse lately. This is a thread worth necroing if I ever saw one (even if it's the most recent post in the Miiverse forum). I'm Tomomb on Miiverse, and I'd like to follow more Giant bomb duders, especially if they like to draw.

Do sketchpad drawings count?

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@tom_omb: I really dig that Mario drawing! Awesome job!

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@adriancase: @jjor64

Thanks, guys! But I don't mean to dominate this thread, I'd love to see more Miiverse drawings from other duders.