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So...@fluxwavez made a post bout this a wile ago and err..well...Ill let the images speak for them selves.

The guy in the last one has gotta be a Youske ripoff.

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Looks like a pretty blatant ripoff- of Persona 4, specifically.

...and I'll probably play it if it ever comes over here.

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This is almost a little too close for comfort, but if its well done I could go for some more of that style, since who knows when P5 is ever gonna come out.

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Holy shit. Some of the images you could easily confuse to a new persona game.

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Wow, that's...something.

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I would still like to get involved with this game.

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Popularity leads to mimicry.

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Oh wow. Those are some Chinese-bootleg character designs right there. I feel like they should call is Person-Onus or something just to complete the cycle.

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Well, just because something looks a lot like something else doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, but I wouldn't bank on this being good.

@hailinel said:

Popularity leads to mimicry.

You got, like, half a chuckle out of me.

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Well if you're gonna bite of off something, bite from the best.

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.....I might play it, if I hear the story is good then I'm in, combat doesn't matter to me in these types of games

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Wow, that's fucked up.

Obviously when a game tears up sales, there are going to be imitators. However, this has crossed over into the "consumer confusion" side of copyright law.

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Ain't no Transmorphers.

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I don't care if it's a rip-off, if it's any good I'll buy it. I need more games like this.