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Currently I do not have minecraft. I have always been quite interested in it but never wanted to drop that 30$ for it. I am curious if it is worth buying at this time. Do people still play it? Do you still play it? Seems to have really died down as far as publicity goes so I really am curious, just wanted to know some thoughts of people who play it.

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People don't talk about it as much but it's not as if there's going to be any shortage of people to play with anytime soon.

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I still play it from time to time. It comes in waves of whether I want to build/explore something, which minecraft is best for at least to me. If you just play it by yourself you may get bored after awhile, but give it some time and start a new map and you may fall in love again. But if you have friends it can be a lot of fun especially if you guys are creative enough to come up with stuff to do besides just building houses or pixel art.

Mojang does release weekly snapshots that allow you to get possibly more features before an actual patch and some of the stuff they have been doing recently is pretty cool, such as having scoreboards being incorporated (not super easy to use yet, but opens up some good possibilities).

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I haven't played in a loong time, but I know there's plenty who still do. The publicity drop is simply because they finally finished making the damn thing, is all.

It's a fun little game if you like just dicking around. It was kind of a nice way to relax, for me, but if you're looking for something to really get into, maybe not the best choice unless the idea of Legos: The Game sounds appealing to you.

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I waited till last October to pick it up and really like it. General forums don't talk about it much but there is still a large community around it.It still gets updated fairly often and if you want to dig into it the mod scene has put out some crazy shit.

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It's absolutely still worth looking into. The basic game is still good fun for a while, especially if you can find a few friends to play with. And the team at Mojang are still adding new bits to it here and there.

But where it'll really be worth it is looking into the modscene. Both the Technic Pack and Feed the Beast are great modpacks which are constantly being updated and offer a wealth of additions which will massively extend your gametime. Both packs include a number of basic mods such as a minimap, an item recipe tool, power and machinery, and pipes which allow you to transport and sort items automatically once you've built them up.

Perhaps look either of those up (the former is more focused on super high-power late-game tools, while the latter offers the likes of forestry, magic transmutation, and another realm filled with mythical beasts and boss monsters). See if one of them strikes your fancy, because it makes the game a much more worthwhile proposition.

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I can't play it alone. I've done about all I'm willing to do alone in that game. However, if you have friends who already have or will get Minecraft, it's a lot of fun building whatever comes to mind, together (or against each other). Same with a community you'd like to be a part of, if they have a server going.

And then there are the mods. Oh man, the mods.

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I would say yes get it then download the mod Feed the beast, it gives the normal game a kick in the pants, there is so much to the mod and is supported by the mod makers and is always updated to fix bugs and issues, and if you can get on a feed the beast server is great to make wild things with other people

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Yes, It's totally worth gettting into. Tons of people play it if that's your thing or create your own world to survive or build.

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There's more to do in it than ever, the modding community is insane. Check out things like Industrial Craft if you ever get bored of vanilla.

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It gets really "FUN" if you have friends or ppl online to play with other than that i'd say its unbearable alone.

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I've only played the XBLA version, I had a ton of fun playing that. I probably put in like 200 hours just mucking around and building giant towers and statues of fertility.

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A lot of people still play it and it's updated regularly. It's absolutely still worth jumping into, it's not like there's just going to be a sequel.

Assuming we're talking about the PC version, I wouldn't bother with the console version due to the amount of limitations.

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I play from time to time, I usualy get back into when some new mod comes out. The mod I'm currently playing is voltz, in the past I"ve played a good amount of yogbox and tekkit as well.

so yeah it's still worth getting into.

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@billythekid: My experience with Minecraft: Bought it last november, I did a gigantic tower during a week while I was listening to my favourite podcast, haven't boot it since.

Was it worth it? fuck yes.

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My hate for Mojang aside the game is worth the twenty or so dollars it costs. There are lots of excellent mods to look into (Thaumcraft 3!!!) and servers to check out too. Minecraft is what you make it, and enjoyment of the game relies heavily upon the creativity of the player. I still fucking hate Mojang though and the game, while fun, is a terribly coded piece of shit. Seriously it runs like complete ass.

Edit: It's also a great time sink too, as it's kind of replaced Minesweeper (ha!) as my go to "waiting" game.

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@cubidog1 said:

Since when could you post nothing at all?

@sathingtonwaltz: You hate mojang simply for shitty coding? And the game is actually around 30$ now, which seems kind of steep thus I made the thread. :P

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@billythekid: I hate Mojang not only for awful coding but for having a game with so much potential and literally doing almost nothing at all with it. They make you wait months for the next "major" update, and when you finally get it the new features are inane things like "you can make soup now, and now you can harvest melons!". Also, I wasn't aware that the price of the game increased as it was twenty dollars when I paid for it.

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I just started playing it again, it's definitely worth it.