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Server is public again and will be almost always!!

(as i work the kinks out of worldguard)

More info edit:

We have a few mods




And a few more like Casinos and others to make the game a little more interesting (Lapis blocks are bouncy!)

We also have a gold based economy.

Most of these things you wont see when you first come on, as many public servers new users are restricted to a certain area, This area is a lush mostly undiscoverd continent with a few islands around it. Work on the town center is underway and help would be awesome

(as i work the kinks out of worldguard)

OLD POST: Hey everyone, I host a minecraft server thats always on a whitelist, for now we have made a new world and are recruiting for our home server. I'm the only one on the server, that i know, who is a giantbomb fan so i wanted to open it up to you guys! Im Legendarny_Smak on the server and im the Admin, if you make some Whiskey Media reference ill hook you up with some free stuff!

The IP is


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I recently (since the 360 launch) have started playing Minecraft again. Had an incredible experience with the game on 360 at a LAN party with a few people that were TOTALLY new to the game, inspired me to finally actually start playing the PC version a bit more. Dove in and put some solid hours into the game for a while last week or so, and I'd love to stop into a friendly public server to help out with basic stuff or whatever I am capable of, instead of just playing by myself.

I need to find a better Steve skin though I think, I chose the :D faced naked guy in tighty whities cause I thought it was interesting and have struggled to find decent skins elsewhere. Everything is emo teenagers and fantasy stuff, I want more realistic skin stuff and searching 'farmer/worker/miner/survivor' in like 5 separate skin sites doesn't really inspire much interest :(

EDIT: Popped in, poked around and started a little spot. New to public servers so not sure if I can just get materials fast (seems like most of these houses were crafted quickly? judging by how boring they look? Big boxes most of them).

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its super common for new people to make those giant boxs as homes, I try to set examples by buildings things unlike that, that spawn location and the prison have some more interesting architectural designs.

When you come back there is a giant wood "building" infront of the spawn location, youll find some supplies in there to help you get started quicker.

Also i noticed you posted some time ago, most people play in the normal eastern time zones times, are you in a different one or just a night owl?

And if your new to the PC version, I think youll have much more fun with how much more there is to this version of the game, With mods on top of that, it can be really fun

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Hey Smak, what happened to it? Any news?

All I see is a new map with no mods.

Is it possible for a map D/L?

It would be appreciated. I signed up here just to ask you.

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Hey Rian, The server was just in a new map to test out 1.3 as bukkit was updating. last night bukkit came out with a recommended build and were back to our world. BTW this site is awesome

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Yes i know, the server was down for almost a week due to SSD failure. We are back now! after many angry conversation with technical support. Now we wait for the halloween pretty scary update

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Can't wait. It is my favourite 'tiny' server out there.

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@theavy: Bumping this, since this is a pretty cool server. I've been looking for one to go on to often.

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What happened to Snowcraft? Is it coming back? :(