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It happens when I join my friends server and vice versa. Only when I hang a torch and knock it down can I see the blocks.

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sounds like a server issue, does this happen on single player?

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Nope. I should also add that this is the 360 version.

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I had this problem when the internet connection of a friend I was connecting to was not good enough. And when I got a new router and hadn't forwarded ports for Xbox Live yet. Does your 360 or the 360 of your friend say that there is a strict NAT when you execute the network test?

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Will check this out and report back.

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Not seeing any NAT message.

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To reset your nat go into your Xbox network settings, and restore to factory defaults, see if that lets you see blocks.

Or I dunno, clear your cache, I think that's a thing on xbox right?

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I refreshed my router. That seemed to fix it.