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It looks pretty interesting but I'm waiting for more info about it before I buy it. Hoping for a QL. My curiosity might get the better of me though(meaning I might just buy it anyway).

EDIT: I also noticed that the developer of the game created its wiki entry but he/they did not fill out any info and he/they has not posted in the forums. Or at least he was the last person to edit it.

EDIT2: I bought it and am playing. More to come soon.

EDIT3: These are videos of me trying to figure this game out.

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No but I think it looks pretty cool. Might have to check it out

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Posted a few videos. Will do more when I figure out more about the game.

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The game seems alright, but I'd like to add that it was dumb when Sword & Sorcery called itself an EP, and it's dumb that this game is calling itself an EP.

I just don't think that term is remotely useful within a gaming context, and it isn't indicative of any particular length. But it sure makes you seem indie and underground!