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Parkour style . some crazy moves going on. come on EA lets get on already.

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Some nice graphics but the low dynamic range and lens flares that come with that camera effect ruins it for me. 0/10 would not buy.

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Arms look like a man 3/10 would not bang

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That's fucking crazy.

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No 60FPS, garbage

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This video > Mirrors edge.

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Not gameplay, pre-rendered bullshit.

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You must be basing that definitive statement off fact...

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A man with a gopro doing below average parkour wearing ladies' cosplay.... I'm quite aroused.

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Where the fuck did the snobs come from? Holy shit, even I'm not picky about how games look. If that footage is really in game then damn, that's impressive.

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All the animations look really... awkward? And the lack of bright-ass red things seemed weird. But I'm a pretty big Mirror's Edge 1 fanboy so I don't like change.

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The graphics suck, it looks French, and I don't remember Faith being a dude with dreads.

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So, it turns out that that was a fan made video that is in a real place that was touched up. Here are the credits on the youtube page...

"Directed by Scott Bass

Produced by Ampisound

Movement by Neil Cointet

3D Titles by Alex Potts

Shot in Cambridge, UK

Shoutouts to the lovely people that gave us feedback:

James Kingston, Marwan Elgamal, Claudiu Voicu, Aubrey Hesslegren, Loren Whitlock, Ed Dark & Matthew Barnes"

Well, I guess it is pretty impressive that I was fooled into thinking that that was a next-gen game. It's not that I'm gullible or anything. Right?


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LOL This was obviously video, but a pretty cool one at that.

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@mcghee said:

LOL This was obviously video, but a pretty cool one at that.

You shut your whore mouth McGhee!

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@jasonr86 said:

@mcghee said:

LOL This was obviously video, but a pretty cool one at that.

You shut your whore mouth McGhee!

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Wow? 8 years since the last consoles, and THIS is the best we can do graphically? It makes me laugh. Step up your game EA, and try to make something that looks the least bit realistic, at least. I'm sorry, but a bit of tessellation and motion-capped animations are not enough.

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Youtube spam like this is not allowed here on Giant Bomb. Locking this down.