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Maybe it doesn't win for any particular award, but no one's Top 10 list, either? The best heists of the year and some of the most intense multiplayer I've ever played was in Monaco this year. I can't be the only one!!!!!

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Oh, thought you meant the sovereign city state where all the rich fat cats go to swim in their money. If so, then yes I did try to forget about Monaco.

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I never got around to playing it, but from watching it on some of the live shows I thought it looked pretty neat. The heavy focus on co-op unfortunately kind of turned me off.

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It placed on my list. I don't know, it was kind of fun but lost it's charm as it went along.

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My problem is that I didn't have any friends to play it with. I'll try to fix that by including it in a bundle of games I'm giving my friend for his birthday tomorrow.

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It's neat. It was never really a consideration for my list.

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It seems like the kind of game that would only be enjoyable under very specific circumstances (namely: playing with people who know what they're doing), otherwise it just seems like complete chaos.

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it was neat, but then you quickmatch with another player who knows everything, then unlocks everything and your trying to play catch up. So no, this could have been a better game.

there's this couch co op games that are being argued pretty hard and then it doesn't resonate with the next group of people.

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It was a cool concept and it was graphically interesting but it turns out that trying to pull off complex heists by way of Bomberman is a bit too chaotic and makes it hard to be as precise as the design demands. Neat idea but the execution is a bit lacking.

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Unless you have friends to play it with, which I did not, it quickly stops being a fun experience solo. Too bad since I really wanted to like it.

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I'm under the impression that this game suffered from not coming out 2 years ago. It looked ready then and it doesn't look like any of the extra time improved anything. All it did was make people forget about it.

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Co-op is what makes and breaks this game. I have it on my top 10 list , so of course I love it. I kind of put it in the same boat as the Towerfalls and Samurai Gunns, where couch co-op is where its at and its better with people you know. Yea it has online but, even when everyone has mics and a stable connection, its communicating is still harder than say pointing at the TV screen.

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Probably as most people I've talked to about Monaco have said, It's neat for about 30 minutes and then it just gets to be less and less interesting. Not that it's a bad game or anything. As for it not being on anyones Top 10 list, Just look at the games that came out this year!