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I'm trying to play with my roommate. We see each other in the multiplayer tavern/marina, but we get put in our own instanced quests. How can we play together?

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If it's anything like other MH games, when you're in the hub together one of you needs to take a quest from the guild rep, and then there will be a board of sorts with all the quests people on the room have accepted. If your friend goes up to that board he can join the same quest you are on. Then when you leave for the quest you will be together.

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Thanks a lot!

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@mitch0712: While we are asking MH:U questions, how well does the game handle without the circle pad pro when facing larger and more difficult monsters?

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@jacksmedulla: I feel like it handles pretty well after a bit of practice using the virtual d-pad on the touch screen. Definitely playable and better than the claw on psp.

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@jacksmedulla: I've had some portable experience with the PSP a long time ago. But the game handles fine. The circle pad pro is something I want still.

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i played it wfor 30-40 mins before i drove back to gamestop for the circlepad pro.. its so useful and it also saves your shoulder buttons + it makes the holding the device more comfortable. I had a hard time playing without it when I try the game here and there iwth no circle pad. Not the best game on the handheld without it.

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I highly recommend to circle pad pro too. The game is fine without it but little too on hard when things get hairy. Having control over the camera is a lot easier when you can move it very quickly with the shoulder buttons.

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I find reaching over the right circle pad to hit the face buttons uncomfortable, but that may just be my tiny hands. Even though I have the circle pad pro I'll be playing MH3U without it, the camera is okay.

(Although I suppose it would make swimming much easier)