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I read that the Frankenstick was out for the XL on a limited basis. Anyone have any experience with it? Also, any control setup advice for someone with relatively large hands using the XL (w/out CPP, for now)?


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I don't think you really need a CPP. I have pretty large hands as well, and the on screen directional pad is fine for camera control.

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Cool, thanks. I'm not sure if it's considered cheap or not, but I've been using the heck out of the target option on the touch screen while fighting the bigger monsters, too. That seems to help with not having a second stick (that plus dumping a couple hundred hours into PSO over the years).

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I bought the CPP for the XL because of the comfort it provides. I was doing fine using the camera on the touchscreen, but I just couldn't play for long stretches of time without some discomfort. The second circle pad works fine, though I think it's terrible for RE: Revelations. It helps with the underwater sections as well.

You can edit the size and position of the D-pad on the touchscreen, so just place it as close to the edge of the screen as you can. I left it at the default size.

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I purchased MH 3:U for the 3DS, but wasn't feeling the controls. I decided to get MH: Freedom Unite for my Vita. Two thumbsticks is a godsend and it actually looks pretty impressive for a PSP game. I'll probably go back to Ultimate if I ever decide to pick up a CPP.

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I just use the center camera button (was it L button?) to control camera, like a pro.

I thought about getting CPP XL for comfort reasons alone, because I find the XL uncomfortable in general.

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I might get the CPP XL as I have MH3U and I find controlling my character underwater very annoying. Out of the water I have no issues.

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I ordered one from Hong Kong shortly before they came out here. I really like it. I tried it on my 3 games that support it. Kingdom Hearts didn't really need it at all because L and R were just fine for camera controls. It was slightly useful for Kid Icarus because I'm left handed, but since that makes it the exact opposite control scheme of every console FPS I still couldn't really play the game. I blame that on an outright shitty control scheme through and through though.

It's awesome for Monster Hunter. Yeah I was managing fine without it, but I absolutely refused to farm any underwater monsters for parts until I got the CPP. Underwater still sucks because underwater always sucks in every game, but it's no longer due to the controls. Even on ground I use the camera much more dynamically now.

Then there's the whole comfort thing, which is a great bonus I wasn't expecting. It basically feels as good as a 360 controller, which is the greatest controller ever made as far as comfort. Some complain that it takes a battery, but mine lasted at least 50 hours of Monster Hunter so it's not really a big deal.

Anyway, for the $20 I paid for it, it was well worth it.