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So I just found out about this now, a few hours before my copy of the game arrives in the mail. When you start a new game, you're assigned a "charm table," which is basically a list of what possible charms you'll be able to find in your game. In MH Tri and 3rd, this table got reset every time you turned on the game. In 3U, it's permanently fixed to whatever it is as soon as you confirm your character customization.

This means you can get screwed over out of a lot of end game gear by an invisible dice roll the game never explains to you. To add insult to injury, there are even cursed tables that give you less finds than even the worst of the normal ones.

This is where this table comes in.

Basically, you want to play the game normally up until you obtain the first fishing ship. You then want to send it to Moga coast, using a Fish Finder in the process to get better results for the table, and waste two in game days. This is done by doing the Kelbi Horn delivery quest twice, which requires you to deliver two kelbi horns to the quest box, and as a reward, gives you two kelbi horns for your personal inventory. These can be used to complete the quest immediately so make sure you put them in your inventory instead of sending them to the storage box. This makes a five minute mission take five seconds.

Now talk to the fishing lady again, and note the pattern of the rewards from the fishing ship. Which item is in which slot, and how many of each item is presented as a reward. Then input those results into the table above. For the best results, you want to repeat this whole process at least 9 times. If done fast, the whole process takes about 30 minutes.

The most balanced and preferred table seems to be Table 10. The second best is table 6. But what if you want to main a specific weapon? Certain tables have better benefits for specific weapon classes. Whats been determined so far:

Table 4 and Table 6 favor Great Sword users.

Table 4 and Table 10 favor Lance and Gunlance users.

Table 10 favors Dual Sword and Hammer users.

Table 14 favors Switch Axe users.

Or if you want to see what unique charms each table offers, you can also use this convenient Google Doc. If you don't get the table you want, make a new character and repeat.

And before you drive yourself batshit insane trying to get the best table, keep in mind that this is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY TO ENJOY THE GAME. Most of this is only for the most hardcore players who want the best end game gear.

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Interesting. For someone that is new to the series, this is kinda blowing my mind. Just going to stay away from this and enjoy the game.

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There is a way to fix the table you get based on the system clock when you create your character. So you can get a good table with minimal effort.

Also, the "cursed tables" are just a nickname from players. They do suck really hard though.

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Man, that's kinda shit. They haven't implemented charm trading or anything like that in MH3U right? You still can't trade anything beyond the most basic stuff right?

What a huge bummer. I am a right-tool-for-the-right-monster kind of player. I gear very specifically for each and every encounter. Knowing that my options to do so in MH3U are going to be severely limited makes me not want to start playing the game at all. Ugh, how lame.

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Fuuuck this is redonk.

There is a way to fix the table you get based on the system clock when you create your character. So you can get a good table with minimal effort.

Also, the "cursed tables" are just a nickname from players. They do suck really hard though.

Any source for this? Would be good to know.

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Taken from the Penny Arcade Forum thread:

  • Set system clock to Jan 21, 2012, 12:13 AM (13 after midnight)
  • Start a stopwatch the moment you click to confirm the time
  • Open up the game and get ready to start a new game
  • Click on new game (specifically new game, not create character or anything else) exactly when the stopwatch hits 1:44

This should give you table 10 which is considered the generally best table for blades, just fine for ranged. If you like ranged or a specific weapon, you probably already know enough about stats to figure out which table you want. And there are times for other tables, but I forget where I saw them.

And you should still verify which table you got after doing this. But it's way better than rolling the dice try try to get a specific one.

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What if I plan for dual blades?

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I just learned about this yesterday. I wonder what got into Capcom´s head to change the way charm tables work for a update?

And it´s pretty bad as well. The old games randomized them based upon starting the game up not creating a character ._.

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@youngfrey: Thanks a lot for that explanation and link. Will be using that method when my game arrives (even though I generally use GS and LS when I play, and tables 4 and 6 are best for GS. Would rather use this easy method and get something pretty good than fudge about to get 6 just for GS stuff).

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I assume that table 10 is alright for hunting horns?

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@rempresent Basically, unless you are seriously (hundreds of hours) into Monster Hunter, any non-cursed table will be fine. If you know you are only ever about horns, do some searches and see what other horn users are say. I'm not even close to a MH expert, so I won't pretend to know for sure. But if you are just getting into the game, 10 should be safe for most anybody.

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@jjor64 said:


Interesting. For someone that is new to the series, this is kinda blowing my mind. Just going to stay away from this and enjoy the game.

I agree. I have no idea what any of this means but it does sound kind of scary.

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Neither of the search tools are working :(

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Good that I'm on table 10.

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Good that I'm on table 10.

How did you manage to check?

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This table of fishing runs doesn't have to be filled out all in one shot, correct? Reason I'm asking is it should be noted that each dispatch costs 30 resource points meaning if you want to do all 9 runs you'll need at least 270 resource points. I had to stop the loop after 6 runs to get more resource points...this won't ruin my results will it?

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@metalsnakezero Ah, so you didn't actually check. Yeah I'm pretty sure I started my game at 00:14:43(.9) so I should be in table 10. But I want to check for sure using the fishing method, however the site is dead.

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Upon filling out that entire chart and clicking "Send," I get the glorious results of an error page:


Anyone else running into this issue? Is it perhaps a server issue?

On the 2nd page it always loads for ages then hangs, and on the first page I get a bunch of CGIWrap Error: Access Control nonsense. Sigh, I just want to check my table :(

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Finally checked my table after many attempts. If it hangs for a really long time, you might get lucky and have it load. Make sure to be on the Index 2 page.

Unless it bugged out, I got Table 7, despite following the exact method as described above and in various places. Started my game at 00:14:43 and about 0.9s. Even though that falls well within the T10: 00:14:43~45, according to my fish I have T7. If it makes a difference, I'm playing an EU download version of the game, so it might be it doesn't work for that.

Kinda disappointed, but at least I didn't get a cursed table. Don't think I will restart, considering the method probably won't work again and I might end up worse off.

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Oh god, what have I bought!?

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Update: I used the timing method and verified it against the table (which took days of off & on trying). I got a confirmed table 10.

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I tried using the table and keep getting

CGIWrap access control mechanism denied execution of this script for the following reason:

Script userid and/or remote host not permitted!

Server Data:
Server Administrator/Contact: webmaster@harenet.ad.jp
Server Name: www1.harenet.ne.jp
Server Port: 80
Server Protocol: HTTP/1.1
Virtual Host: www1.harenet.ne.jp
Request Data:
User Agent/Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.22 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/25.0.1364.172 Safari/537.22
Request Method: POST
Remote Host: pool-96-253-91-245.rcmdva.fios.verizon.net
Remote Address:
Remote Port: 59034
Extra Path Info: /mina-to/tsearch.cgi
Referring Page: http://mhvuze.de/3ucharm/fishEN/index.html
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So anybody who had luck getting the table finder website to work mind entering my stuff in? I've been trying to get both results pages to work for a week now, but the first one gets the error posted above, and the other one just doesn't connect at all.

My table: