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So, apparently Moonbase Alpha has just received an update with a game mode called Moonbase Madness, which features nonsense such as moon-skeleton-heads, creepy little girls, and more John Madden.

This initially started off as a game NASA launched in order to simulate how life would be on the moon, but only caught on because of the infamous text to speech. This update seems to accept the insanity that is Moonbase Alpha, and amplifies it. This seems odd, actually. Imagine if America's Army would suddenly have you shoot a legion of highly trained dinosaurs. Of if Arma 3 decided to shift focus and turn into a cake eating simulator.

This may not be as drastic, but It has caught my attention. What do you say about this madness? Why would a game with the NASA stamp on it ever do such a thing? Will you download the game and experience whatever the hell this is supposed to be?

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Yeah, seems super weird for what that game launched as.

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what the hell did i just watch im really tpisy and this didnt help

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Erm. Sorry. I guess.

I mean, the least I can do is confirm the fact that you are not actually on the moon, and neither is John Madden.

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What... the... fuck?!

I will be downloading this in the near future. Quick Looks need to be happening!