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I haven't seen anything yet about the story, beyond those teaser images.I'd wager it's about solving your own murder.

"possibly the hardest case of all" sounds pretty ominous.

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The screenshot seems fairly noiry to me; also note how he is lying near building 666. So maybe something to do with hell/demons/afterlife/etc...(consider how the name is a pun on the words sole and soul).

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I've updated the wiki with the latest teaser info, which would suggest the game taking place in Salem (which is known for the Salem Witch Trials).

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Just saw the teaser trailer... Doesn't really tell you anything. Always cool to see new IP and Ubisoft Montreal (and the dozen of inevitable co-developers) can definitely make great games.

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Chances of it showing up later today?

@zaccheus It's a Square Enix joint.

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@winternet said:

Chances of it showing up later today?

@zaccheus It's a Square Enix joint.

Shit. I just saw Montreal and apparently Ubisoft is what I associate with it. Well Eidos Montreal is actually even better. Deus Ex: HR was amazing, although it might have been developed by different people. At least I hope there is a next-gen Deus Ex in the works.

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Murders and a suspicious soul.