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Posted by BeachThunder (13067 posts) 10 months, 26 days ago

Poll: Are you planning on picking up Murdered: Soul Suspect? (266 votes)

Yes. I've pre-ordered it / I'm picking it up on day one. 12%
Yes. I'll get it at some later date. 15%
Maybe. 59%
Never. 13%

Well, Murdered is coming out next week. So, I thought I'd gauge GB's interest in the game.

Despite the lack of hype, I seriously hope the game is good. I cannot express how much I love Ghost Trick, so I desperately want this to be as awesome as that - even though I know that the likelihood of that being the case is pretty slim :|

#1 Posted by nasp (576 posts) -

nope.it looks like a good game,but its a type of game that ide probly rather watch someone else play then play myself.its giving me a heavy rain vibe,and like heavy rain its a good game but there isnt much to the gameplay so i just watched a lets play.i play games for gameplay not for the story.a good story is a bonus.so games like journey and heavy rain while good dont offer enough gameplay in a GAME to be a 60 dollar purchase.then again im just guessing so maybe it has alot of gameplay.

#2 Posted by baka_shinji17 (596 posts) -

There is not a ghost of a chance of me picking this up.

#3 Edited by leebmx (2318 posts) -

The trailer interested me a great deal, so if I like the sound of the reviews/quick look I will pick it up.

#4 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (520 posts) -

I honestly have no idea. I think it looks cool, but I don't trust Airtight to put out a great game. Hopefully I'm wrong on that regard, but this is one I'm definitely holding out for reviews on.

#5 Posted by MetalBaofu (1459 posts) -

I'm going to be renting it from Gamefly. I won't be able to play it for a couple weeks or so, though. Shipping my PS4 in for repair today.

#6 Posted by Rafaelfc (1761 posts) -

I'll consider picking it up after watching some long-form commentary video that is misleadingly branded quick.

#7 Posted by Veektarius (5289 posts) -

I have no idea what the gameplay in this game is.

#8 Posted by nasp (576 posts) -

I have no idea what the gameplay in this game is.

exactly my point.is there a good amount of gameplay?if so what is it?is it more like heavy rain where there isnt much gameplay?we dont know.

#9 Posted by Random45 (1398 posts) -

"Never" has such a negative sound to it, I'd prefer to say "Nope" or "Probably Not".

#10 Posted by SunBroZak (1671 posts) -

I honestly have no idea. I think it looks cool, but I don't trust Airtight to put out a great game. Hopefully I'm wrong on that regard, but this is one I'm definitely holding out for reviews on.

Pretty much sums up my feelings. I'm on a wait-and-see basis.

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#12 Posted by RioStarwind (644 posts) -

The premise always seemed interesting so lets just see if they can make it a good game before I pick it up. Unless it's really bad I expect I'll pick it up at some point once it goes on sale.

#13 Posted by musclerider (633 posts) -

The video card I just bought came with a code for this. Don't really know much about it but I guess I'll play it.

#14 Posted by Yummylee (23192 posts) -

Not straight away, as I'd rather get a look at the overall reception first. Also depends on how well the PS3 version is, otherwise I'd rather wait till I have a PS4.

#15 Edited by cloudymusic (1377 posts) -

I feel like I don't know a single thing about it. I guess I'll have to see a QL to know if I'd be interested.

#16 Edited by MindBullet (201 posts) -

Probably... At some point... Maybe.

#17 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

Maybe I'll just play Ghost Trick again instead.

#18 Posted by conmulligan (1041 posts) -

It sounds good on paper, but I'll definitely wait for some first impressions before picking it up.

#19 Posted by Steadying (1617 posts) -

Maybe, like, way later. Or if it ends up getting great reviews. From what I've seen so far, it looks kinda lame.

#20 Edited by Asmo917 (484 posts) -

I think it looks interesting enough and is hopefully trying some new or different things, so I ordered it from Amazon with release date delivery. I don't know if I'll jump into it right away since I want to finish Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs, and the latest three episodes of The Wolf Among Us before getting too deep into anything else.

I think the thing I want most from a video game now is a good mystery, presented well and logically. So, a narrative like Heavy Rain, without the ridiculous, non-sensical reveal.

#21 Posted by Karkarov (3622 posts) -

Wow comes out next week? There really hasn't been any press at all about it. I will definitely consider giving it a look.

#22 Posted by Solh0und (1945 posts) -

So have any early adopters get this yet? If any of you have, how is it?

#23 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (1453 posts) -

Wow this game completely faded from memory. That feels like a bad thing. I might pick it up!

#24 Posted by mrfluke (5654 posts) -

if its good, then yes, if not then no. simple!

#25 Edited by mr187uk (174 posts) -

I hope it's a dead version of L.A. Noire.

I've already preordered it.

#26 Edited by Killerfridge (324 posts) -

There's some video of the start of the game up on youtube, I guess some people got it early. I kind of really want this game and if the story is worth it, I'll probably pick it up. Either way, I'm waiting for reviews.

#27 Posted by Coafi (1519 posts) -

I'm renting it.

#28 Posted by Shortbreadtom (930 posts) -

If it reviews well, given that there are a lot of things that interest me. A good story and ungimmicky gameplay, really. I love mystery stories, and it seems to be a fairly unique style of playing. But the same could be said for David Cage games, and they are reprehensible piles of steaming garbage.

Also, fuck that dumb fedora.

#29 Posted by Vanick (333 posts) -

I'm giving it a rental. It looks like it could be fun.

#30 Posted by BigFuzzyHat (13 posts) -

A pre-order for it came with my gpu, so I might as well play it day one.

#31 Posted by me3639 (1990 posts) -

Steam sale after its been patched.

#32 Posted by metalhammer (71 posts) -

Bit of a quiet release, this one. So it'll either be a surprising hit, or the quietness is because it's rubbish. I hope it's the former, a new IP, cool idea.

#33 Posted by AlexW00d (6699 posts) -
#34 Posted by ZolRoyce (1004 posts) -

Probably maybe yes.
I wont get it day one, part of me says I will get it eventually no matter what though and go in blind but another part says to wait for reviews first and if they turn out bad then avoid it. Maybe I'll just look at the review scores and not actually read any.

#35 Posted by Humanity (11362 posts) -

I think the premise is interesting but like many have pointed out, I simply haven't seen any real gameplay to understand what I'd be getting myself into.

#36 Posted by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -

When steam has it on sale for $5-$10.

#37 Edited by Jay_Ray (1194 posts) -

I am very curious about it, so I'll play it one day, even if it turns out to be a horrible mess (which will actually make me want to play it more then if it is just mediocre).

#38 Edited by Shaunage (792 posts) -

They've been suspiciously quiet about it. I'll wait to hear if it's any good, and wait for a quick look at the very least before I even consider it.

#39 Posted by kaos_cracker (929 posts) -

The beginning intro and what not made me interested. i'll probably pick it up.

#40 Posted by Narx (182 posts) -

@solh0und said:

So have any early adopters get this yet? If any of you have, how is it?

We actually have received a copy on the blog I manage but there is an embargo that lifts on Tuesday so...

#41 Edited by AdequatelyPrepared (892 posts) -

I feel that games like this is very much dependent on the quality of the story and writing. I do enjoy games like this, but I'll wait to see what the reviews have to say on the writing and story.

#42 Posted by RonGalaxy (3573 posts) -

I see it as one of those games I get down the line because it's dirt cheap. Definitely not going to be a day one buy for me.

#43 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4192 posts) -

The name alone makes it worthy of an on sale purchase.

"Have *you* played Murdered?"

#44 Posted by handlas (2890 posts) -

Well there is already some gameplay vids on youtube. Good to see since I've never seen the game being played either. It looks kind of interesting. I'll wait for reviews and see how it goes myself... but I have a feeling it won't get that great of reviews. Hope I'm wrong and it's a surprise.

#45 Posted by BeachThunder (13067 posts) -

The name alone makes it worthy of an on sale purchase.

"Have *you* played Murdered?"

I considered titling this thread "Are you planning on getting Murdered".

#46 Posted by ADAMWD (674 posts) -

Getting this one with Gamefly.

#47 Posted by RobertOrri (1177 posts) -

Maybe as in will totally buy it at some point, just don't know when. This is coming out right before E3 and all the media is still focused on Watch Dogs, which is probably why Square-Enix are not wasting any resources trying to bring attention to the game.

I like what I've seen of it.

#48 Posted by BigJeffrey (4968 posts) -


#49 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6256 posts) -

I'll have to wait and see how it reviews. I just dodged the Watch dogs bullet (I know it's not a bad game, but it's not one I'd like to pay full price for) and I don't want to break that chain.

#50 Posted by Stonyman65 (3013 posts) -

Wow that is coming out tomorrow? I haven't heard anything about that since last E3. I thought those trailers were really interesting and not something you see all the time. I'll check it out.