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Really tired of sitting my my PC desk and I want to play Myst, and I assume no Myst games have controller support on PC, so I think I'm interested in attempting to play, say Myst III: Exile on Xbox. Honestly, I can imaging that they're awful to play with a controller, maybe there's an off chance that it's playable?

Don't tell me to make a standing desk instead. Not an option.

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Well, a few of them were released on consoles, so yes?

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Is connecting your computer up to a TV not an option?

Also, apparently the original is available on PS3...

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@galacticgravy: I played Myst III on PS2 actually and beat it there.

It was ok, the controls were far less irritating than I expected. Definitely playable. But it does lose something. It's hard to explain.

Myst III also wasn't very good imo compared to the original Myst, so it's hard to know what really bothered me.

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I think the console versions mainly had extreme load time issues, there aren't a lot of timing based puzzles, so the gamepad thing isn't that much of an issue, but I can see that when they are so much about exploring a place, having every move result in a long load could get really annoying, especially if you know where you are going and just have to get there.

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I used to own Myst and Riven on the PSX back in the day. I do not know if you can pick them up on PSN, but they do exist.

Edit: They are available on PSN right now.

Edit 2: realMyst (the 3D remake of the original) is also available for iOS devices.