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In the cop campaign, you choose a set of objectives labeled as Patrol, Undercover, or Enforcer, and completing those objectives unlocks a new car. Each variation of objectives appears to have a different version of the new vehicle to unlock. For example: completing assignment one as Patrol unlocks an Aston Martin, but completing it as an Enforcer unlocks the same car with a little more emphasis on survivability and more tuned for take-downs.

I can't find a way to unlock the other "flavors" of the vehicles I passed on. Changing Assignment from the menu only lets you change from Patrol, Undercover, or Enforcer among your current objectives. Am I missing something obvious? Besides paying $10 for the DLC "Timesavers" pack?

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@asmo917: From your garage, select "Career Overview"

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@starvinggamer: Trying again, last message posted with just your name.

I've tried that, and I can see which versions of the assignments I completed and which I didn't, but it won't let me select the uncompleted ones for old Assignments. I can move the cursor to one, but none of the buttons actually do anything.

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After completing the cop career you can go back and unlock the other cars.