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Starting this thread so folks can share, trade or give friend beta keys. I don't have one but have something to trade for one. A copy of Don't Starve. If your interested send me a pm. If not you can just post on here and maybe someone else can offer you something more to your liking.

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I'm interested in a key. Haven't got too much to offer in a trade, but I got some Dota2 keys.

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Ive got a key any offers

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I would love a key. I haven't been able to get one yet and I've been trying for awhile. I don't have much to offer but I have a bunch of Dota 2 keys.

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I got a beta key from MMOBOMB they have a lot left if your still wanting one. the only bad thing is you have to register with them to get the key.

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If anyone got a Friend Key, please pm me

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dont forget to purchase your HEROS OF THE NORTH FOUNDERS PACK and make all your friends SO JEALOUS of your ARMORED SPIDER MOUNTTTT

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This is still a thing? Huh.

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@gendraco: do you still have the key?

I have some keys:

Navy Field 2 North America

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If anyone has a Neverwinter key and is looking for a DOTA2 key i got you. Actually i have like 4 dota 2 keys you can for it.

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@brandino:No point. The only way to get into this weekends beta event is to be a founder ($60 or $200), but the game's going open beta at the end of the month anyways.