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Bugbear Entertainment, the developers behind the Flatout series as well as that quirky Ridge Racer game from last year have revealed their previously teased project. The game is called "Next Car Game" and it is meant to be a spiritual successor to the Flatout franchise with destruction derby style of racing inspired by the Finnish Jokamiesluokka folk racing. Top Gear did a little feature on the subject a few years back which I will embed below because I was unable to embed the developer video on the site.

Apparently publishers weren't keen on the game so Bugbear have decided to crowdfund the game through PC pre-orders. It should be noted that these pre-orders are not going through Kickstarter or anything like that, so all the money that Bugbear receives through these pre-orders they will keep. The cheapest pre-order is 25 bucks and once Bugbear reaches 10 000 pre-orders they will release a demo for backers. The developers are also considering releasing the game on current and next-gen platforms if they can gather enough funds and interest. You can bug Bugbear through Twitter if you want the game to be released on your platform of choice.

You can find more info including a video with footage from the game which I wasn't able to embed here through this link.

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I love me some Destruction Derby. I hope this turns out well.

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Flatout 2 is one of my favorite racing games. This makes me quite happy, especially considering the last Flatout game was such a trainwreck.

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Where the fuck did my copy of Destruction Derby Raw go?

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I really like Flatout. I was only a little disappointed that the latest BugBear Flatout game, Flatout: Ultimate Carnage, was just a port of the console version. The console version was just a port of Flatout 2 for the PC. So they pretty much made and resold Flatout 2 twice to PC gamers, which rubbed me the wrong way.

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The video has been posted on YouTube so I can embed it here:

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Here's some new footage of the damage modeling and oh boy those grinders at the end of the video really tear the car to pieces. This is the first game I've ever crowd funded and stuff like this is getting me rather excited.

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And the game now has a Kickstarter and I don't really know what happened to the original crowdfunding thingie.

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I love me some Destruction Derby. I hope this turns out well.

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The first (early) gameplay demo looks pretty dope.

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@isomeri: Shit looks great! They might even beat out DiRT to the punch, right about now.

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Read the title as Fallout.

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I always hated the handling in Flatout, yet the destruction derby stuff was awesome. I'd love to see the tech in a demo like BeamNG used in a destruction derby game.

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Bugbear just released the first playable tech-demo to backers. The demo is basically just a big field with obstacles, grinders, other cars, ramps etc. to wreck your car into. There's not much here, but I have to say that the way the cars come apart is really impressive. I was able to drive my car through a massive grinder and have it come out the other side basically split in half but I was still able to sort of drive the car around on two wheels.

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Apparently everyone can get the tech demo now from their site if you sign up for their newsletter or something. Personally, I think the demo alone is worth some kind of Quick Look or Unprofessional Friday treatment.

Edit: Whoops. More of a limited demo than the one backers get.