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I thought brad was playing through this game, is he not reviewing it? We all must have a giantbomb Ni No review!!

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do we really need a review.

last time brad review a game he gave it the 'wrong' score and just upset the weirdo's

fuck it i say. don't bother with them

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I don't think Brad wants to do one, which is a bummer but whatever, it's their site
I've come to accept that a Quick Look is often times the only thing we get

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He won't be reviewing it, he said he had plans to play it over the summer when the releases calm down, its so big, I gave playing it after putting in 160 hours into P4G, going into this game was a bad idea, never mind my backlog of psn/steam/xbl stuff.

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It's a long game. I'm only four hours in, and there seems to be so much to do. If there is a review, it probably won't hit the site for a long while. His Quick Look can be considered his review for now, methinks.

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Still, the fact that a long game means no review is dissapointing

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He said in the QL that he probably won't be reviewing it as its so big, that and also other reviewers seemed to put him off playing it. The general theme of 'You have to grind in a JRPG, what?' seems surprising to some people. I doubt the game ever gets talked about again, unless Vinny picks it up and plays it randomly in 8 months or so as he is wont to do.

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Ni no endurance run who's with me!!

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By the time he's finished it whoever wants to play will have already done so. Like me. I fucking love Ni No Kuni.

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I give it 5 and a half srars.

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I don't think he ever intended to review it. I doubt Jeff even considered that it needed reviewing. They don't do JRPGs.

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If you could ramble in all caps for about 3 more sentences, you'd have a pretty good Zodiac Motherfucker review on your hands. :)
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If Dead Space wasnt also on his plate i think he would have been able to finish, but seeing as its a long RPG, and worth the time to enjoy, its hit the back burner for a while. Here s an idea, someone help a brother out. Is Brad the only reviewer left in the office? Im currently at 40+ hours and if i was reviewing I would currently give it 4/5.

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Here's your review: 5 stars.

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@coons84 said:

Ni no endurance run who's with me!!

That's gonna take literally a week! Unlike P4G where it only took me 40 hours to beat on Very Hard Mode along with the secret dungeon and true final boss. (Just bragging)

On the other hand they should just let us gamers review honestly,I think they gave a poor rating for PSASBR which I'm really disappointed because the game can actually get really competitive you really know how to play and especially when you play with friends,it seems like they just played it,looked at basic mechanics,and stopped playing. Once you get more competitive it's really fun... On the other hand I wish Ni No Kuni had an online familiar fight mode.

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I'm glad to see that so many people like it, the game is already so dear to my heart. It's surpassed alot of things as my all time favorite game and I thought I was done with JRPG's. Im completely in love with it, and I know it will get multiple play through a from me, I hope this is not the end of this franchise I hope and pray for a part two!

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An Endurance run would be pretty cool for this game.

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The one problem with this site is you will get few reviews. There are many games I knew the staff were playing that never got a review. I doubt Ni No Kuni will get a review. I will say however it is fantastic. I personally loved every minute of it. If you like RPGs just go ahead and buy it. If you want more research I would check out some other reviews around the internet I think they generally do a good job at painting the picture of this game.