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So obviously I've never played this game, but I am curious about playing. Is Niko a bad guy drug dealer? I'm asking because I won't want to play as a bad guy.

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you kill a lot of people

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He is the kind of person who shoots pigeons for fun.

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He's first and foremost a mass murderer.

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Uh, you tag along on a few drug deals, but usually as the muscle. He's more of a hitman / killer than a drug dealer.

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I won't want to play as a bad guy.

He's definitely not the worst guy in the game! There are far badder guys than him as you'll see towards the end. In fact, apart from his murderous tendencies (he is a veteran of some pretty violent Yugoslavian conflicts, after all) he's a pretty down-to-earth guy just wanting to making the most of the American Dream, which he realizes isn't all as good as it seems to appear from the outside.

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You make friends with a few drug dealers, do jobs for them, and kill people for them. Nico is fairly likable as a fictional character, but he's clearly a criminal. It's pretty hard to play a GTA game without playing a "bad guy".

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He's a criminal, but he's perhaps the second most human protagonist of the entire GTA series (after CJ that is).

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He's a bad motherfucker and you know this...

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He's not that bad, he's no Tommy Vercetti, but come on...you're playing GTA.

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When the war came, he did bad things, but after the war he thought nothing of doing bad things. He killed people, smuggled people, sold people.

Hope this helps.

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Don't worry he doesn't give people drugs...he just murders them.

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I won't want to play as a bad guy.

What are you, the Will Smith of gamers?

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Don't worry, he's just a mass murderer.

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@mister_v said:

@digbykong said:

I won't want to play as a bad guy.

What are you, the Will Smith of gamers?

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I think trying to decide if Niko is good or bad is part of the experience.

To answer your question yes there is some drug dealing.

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He sells smack to the orphans

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Niko Bellic isn't only a drug dealer, he's a straihgt up gangsta pusha. There's this one mission where you gotta go around and sell the drugs right, but nobody ain't buying, so then he decides to make new customers. You go into a orphanage and lace the water with the stuff then black mails the head honcho of the place to work for him, if they all want enough drugs to get them by.

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Niko Bellic is a bad man, but there are other bad men in the game.
Niko Bellic is not "badder dan dem, badder dan dem, badder dan dem"

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@dixego said:

He's a criminal, but he's perhaps the second most human protagonist of the entire GTA series (after CJ that is).

CJ is the reason I couldn't finish San Andreas. He's the biggest whiner in the entire series. I couldn't stand his attitude.

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Lol. This reminds me of when news of Bellic's character first broke in Spring 2007. The Internet as is its want became enraged at the thought of potentially playing as a Middle Eastern ex-terrorist. The boards were full of much vitriol and rage.

Turned out a few days later that Niko was just a war criminal, drug dealing, human trafficking, amoral killer. And no gave a shit.

Gamers in a nutshell really.

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There are no good guys in Rockstar games.

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@colourful_hippie: 2/5? You're being a bit generous there, don't ya think?

I'd peg him more as a mass murderer, so, you know, much more ethical of a guy than a drug dealer.

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I would not consider a drug dealer to be a bad person. Also he isn't one. He loves to dust people though.

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I appreciate the feedback everybody. Doesn't sounds like my cup of tea.

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It is Grand Theft Auto. Just pointing that out.